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About Doc McStuffin Games!

Doc is small and slender with brown hair in pigtails, dark skin, light freckles and brown eyes. She also wears a sparkly purple headband with a flower on it, a white lab coat, a purple and white striped shirt, her magical stethoscope, a pink skirt, pink leggings with white polka dots on them, purple socks and sparkly pink sneakers.

As we promised, we are back with a brand new category of games created especially for you, our dearest frineds. is a website that dedicates all his time to make you happy and to ofer you all the funny games with your favourite characters. The new category that we have to offer is with the characters from the animated series Doc McStuffin, from Disney Junior. We created this new category because we want to offer you all the existing games with your favourite characters and we want you to find more easily the games that you want. Come and find out some of the most important detailes from the animated series before you star playing the games that we got to offer. The animated series stars a little girl named Dottie McStuffins who decides that she wants to become a doctor just like her mother. At home, she pretend to be a doctor by fixing her toys and dolls, and also her brother’s toys. The little girls has a stetoscop that brings to life all the toys when she puts it on. When the toys have life, she communicates with them, and repair them when they have a problem. With help from her stuffed animal friends Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly, Doc helps all the toys with problems, feel better by giving them check-ups and diagnosing their illnesses using the Big Book of Boo Boos. In every episode she gives adivices about how kids should stay healthy.Lambie is Doc’s best friend, a slender stuffed lamb with a pink bow and tutu. She also often wears a tiara when Doc plays a princess game. Lambie is a very sweet character with a very sweet voice, but sometimes she may feel sad or worried when something bad happens, or when someone hurts her feelings. Another one of Doc’s helps and friends is Stuffy a slender stuffed dragon with a red collar round his neck and rosy cheeks. While being brave and intelligent sometimes, Stuffy is rather clumsy but he doesn't always trip and fall successfully. Whenever he does it everyone often laughs at him because they think it is funny. Finally we have Hallie Doc McStuffin’s asistent an obese stuffed purple hippo with red glasses, a red and white striped apron with a yellow tag, a white shirt, and a red and white hat. She is a sassy purple hippopotamus with a Texas accent. In all the games that we want to offer to you, you will meet some of the characters described here and many others. We invite you to play all the games with Doc McStuffin and her friends and have fun, only on!