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What are Dog With a Blog Games?

Dog with a Blog games is the latest category! This is going to be a category filled with small kids to teenagers. Animals like dogs or cats are present in each episode, and plenty of adventures are waiting for you to discover them through each episode.

Some new categories are waiting! The Dog with a Blog games is one of them, and you dear kids can play awesome kids games with dogs and humans at the same time. We know that plenty of children from our website love to play games with animals, so the Dog with a Blog games are just perfect for this start of the year, and you will see how much fun you can have playing dog games and cat games with all of your friends, and we are 100% positive that you will make a lot of new friends through the characters of the Dog with a Blog series.

This is a new animal series, which is created in 2012. The name of the show is Dog with a Blog, and was created by Disney Studios for Disney Channel, where it aired until 2015. The entire Disney series is going to be based on the life of an entire family, and their dog, who lives more or less a double life. He is still a normal dog during the day, when the family has their eyes on him, but at night, the dog starts writing in his blog, which game the name of the Disney series.

We know that all the kids from our website love animal games, and the Dog with a Blog games from our website are going to be the perfect way for you guys to meet with new cute puppies and kittens. The Dog with a Blog games are going to be very interesting, and they will be ready for you to try even on your mobile phones, laptops, tablets or computers for free online! The games will be for girls and boys, and we are sure that you will find at least one type of game that you love, and that it might become your favorite.

Can a dog type

The entire story is going to be set in the city of Pasadena, California, which is a real area that you might live in even. The human main character is going to be Avery Jennings, whose mother just married a new guy, called Tyler. Tyler also has a kid, Bennett, and they all started to live together, and that calls for some adjustments. Each and every pet owner in the world would give anything to have a speaking dog, and this new family got just that.

One day, the family dog, called Stan showed his family that he can talk. Not all the family knows though, only Avery, Tyler and Chloe know Stan's secret, and they try to keep it that way, because not everyone can cope with the fact that there's a talking dog living in their house. Stan thinks that he can help the human community and the dog community as well if he starts to tell his day by day stories from inside his home, and so he starts to write in his blog daily articles, and of course, he wants to see through the blog if there are any other talking animals in the world.

Because just the kids know about Stan's ability to talk, the entire show is going to rely on the fact that this ability is a secret, so each episode, the kids are trying to keep on talking with Stan, but also hiding from their parents, because they are afraid that their mom and dad would not understand this miracle, and that they might send Stan away and he will just be another lab subject that will be tested all day long.

People in the blog

You need to have a close relationship with each and every one of the Dog with a Blog games characters in order for you to have a better experience while playing our free games for kids. You will see that one of the main characters is Avery Jennings. She is going to be a cute and very smart little girl, that starts the series by becoming Tyler and Chloe's step-sister. Avery and Tyler are teenagers already during the show, so they will not see eye to eye in each episode, but they get along at the end of the day. Avery loves to follow the rules, and Tyler is looser about that kind of stuff, so she always tries to make him behave. Being very organized, Avery often sets up sheets of everyone's schedule for the living-room and the bathroom, so that no overlapping is going to happen.

Another important character in our Dog with a Blog games is going to be Tyler, and he is a normal teenage boy, which is in highschool. He is very popular in school, has a lot of friends, and he often invites them all to his house with the entire cheerleading squad, which Avery doesn't like, because we already know that she loves to keep a tight schedule for the mutual living spaces, like the living room. Even though he is a little more laid back than Avery, Tyler is a math genius, so you will have the opportunity to play different math challenges and finish math games right here on our website. Being smart and knowing it, Tyler doesn't work as hard as he should for school, like most children do.

Chloe is the third kid of the house inside the Dog with a Blog games, and you will see that she is the youngest. She is very outspoken, and if she feels like she has anything to say, she is just going to say it on the spot. Like most kids her age, Chloe loves candy, sweets and cake, but being very young, her parents limit the amounts she can eat, and you will see that she is going to bring for you guys plenty of cooking games and challenges that you can play for free. Have fun!

Who is the main character of Dog with a Blog?

Stan, the talking dog is the main character.

Is the Dog with a Blog real?

The dog playing Stan is real, yes.

Is stan still alive?

Kuma, the real dog that played Stan died in 2018 of old age.

What kind of dog is Stan?

Stan is a gherman sheppar mixed with border callie.

Is Dog with a Blog still running?

No, the series got cancelled after 5 seasons.

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