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We have 29 games with Doki.

Doki games are the cutest – join him in all his adventures & try to help him pass the levels in no time at all! Play now! This time the new category that we have to offer is a new and beautiful category in which you will have games with Doki and his friends.

What are Doki Games?

The administrative team of has the pleasure to offer you another new category for today, a new category in which you will have alot of fun playing with some of your favourite characters. This new category that we have for you is another one of the many to come, another category at our family. We intend to offer you as many categories as we can because we want you to have alot of fun playing with your favourite characters, here on We will offer you as many new categories as we can dedicate to both special character and types of games. This time the new category that we have to offer is a new and beautiful category in which you will have games with Doki and his friends. We want to offer you the details about the serie and the characters in order to keep our tradition and also keep you happy. Doki is the main hero and protagonist of the serie and he has for you a lot of fun games to play with him and his friends. Doki is a bold dog, optimistic and curious, always ready to start a new adventure or travel with you and his friend,meet new peple and make even more fiend . Doki and his five friends names Gabi, Fico, Anabella, Oto and Mundi, and they are members of the Worldwide Expedition Club, an organization dedicated to exploration, discovery and learning and so are you if you play the games and follow the episodes of the serie, in that case congratulations. Together, they travel the world to face the unknown, exploring distant lands and exotic cultures while solving problems, making new friends along the way and, most importantly, learning to believe in themselves and others, while using their vast imaginations which is a very good lesson for you. We are sure that you will love to play all the games that this category has decided to offer to you and we hope that you will love them, because we sure do. Mundi is a ladybug and one of Doki’s friends, she is also an expert mechanic. She is a honest girl ,always there to help others when needed. Mundi has only one small problem, whenever she is feeling excited or afraid,the backpach that she has will start glowing. Oto, an anteater, is the captain, conductor or driver of any vehicle or transport method that the group of explorers use in their adventures. His confidence does not always fit with their skills and perfect landings. Anabella, is a dark pink flamingo, the loving little sister of the group, is the most watched and innocent. Always happy and loving, she tends to daydream and can easily get distracted by anything beautiful or unusual and you will love her . Gabi, a goat, is bright, energetic and precocious. She is the most grown-up of the group, and often uses complex words that the others do not always understand, and she will make you laugh. Fico, an otter, is the silly one of the group who is always happy and is known for being funny, affectionate and impulsive. He's like a whirlwind, impetuous and energetic, to the point of almost being hyperactive and you will have great time playing with him. So all that being told we now invite you to join us and play the games that this category has to offer especially for you!!!

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