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What are Dragon Riders Of Berk Games?

Vikings, dragons and a lot of fights are all waiting for you in the Dragon Riders of Berk games online & stories. Hiccup the Viking and Toothless the Dragon will be messy, they will solve puzzles, and have the best adventures together!

It's a never-ending challenge to bring amazing games for you, guys! Today, we are waiting for you with the Dragon Riders of Berk games category, in which we are sure that you, guys, will have a great time because this is going to be a very exciting new challenge that you can follow and see how, by the end of each game, you can defeat the adventures and you will be able to win the challenge, have the highest score of the game and tell the stories of this new series and even movie, which you will find from today on right here on our website. This is going to be a category based on a very popular story that we are sure that you already know! This show is known in the entire world as How To Train Your Dragons, but the cartoon is called Dragons or Dragon Riders of Berk, like our new category.

Dragons were first announced to appear in 2010, and it was launched by Dreamworks studios and appeared on Cartoon Network. The series has two big episodes that appeared before the series on Cartoon Network and had its premiere of the series on the 5th of September, 2012. There were 40 episodes of the Dragon Riders of Berk aired on Cartoon Network, which were only two seasons of the entire show. The next part of the series was cut off Cartoon Network and could have been watched on Netflix under the title of Race to the Edge, which had its first season in 2015. There were several seasons of the show still airing on Netflix, where you could have seen up to five seasons until 2017.

It wasn't the end of the series though, because you can learn fast that the Dragon Riders of Berk or the Race to the Edge series was renewed with the sixth season, which appeared in 2018, in the middle of February. This series is going to be very exciting because, dear kids, you can have a great time playing with the little characters with which you can make friends, in this new Dragon Riders of Berk games. If you love dragons, magic, and mystical creatures, this is going to be one of your favorite game categories, because we will have Toothless. We’re talking about one of the most popular dragon characters in the world, and you can have a great time playing with Toothless and his owner, who will have a lot of adventures inside Dragon Riders of Berk games online, that we are sure that you will love. Furthermore, you can have a great time playing with all the other dragons, learn their culture and see which will be the weapons that they will use.

The dragons are going to be used like pets, like working animals and they will be part of the community because they are loved, and very well taken care of and they will help back the community by building houses, going through different adventures together and even keeping the community safe by defeating the villains and all the Vikings that will try to take over the cities in the story & Dragon Riders of Berk games.

Toothless in the Berk

The entire story of this show is going to rely on the life of a Viking boy that is training to become a dragon trainer! The world in which Hiccup, the main character of the story lives, is a magical world, filled with Vikings, which once lived in fear of dragons of all kinds, but now they managed to learn how to live in harmony with the dragons, how to start training them and, at the end, use the dragons while taking really good care of them. There will be different types of dragons present in this Dragon Riders of Berk games category, and you, dear children, will see that each of them is going to look different and have different special skills but, very importantly, all the dragons present in the show will have the ability to fly, so the characters, the Vikings, will use the dragons to perform different races and different sports using their special abilities.

Hiccup is the son of the Viking's chief tribe, and it's very well-known that he is the one who started this amnesty with the dragons! Before Hiccup found his dragon, which also appears in Dragon Riders of Berk games online, they were hunted and the Vikings feared them. Hiccup was wandering the realm, and he stumbled upon a black dragon which was hurt, but at the same time was very fun and playful, not wanting to hurt Hiccup. Quickly, Hiccup saw that the dragon had a disability, meaning that he was missing one of the fans on its tail, and decided to take him home, nurture it and see if he will feel better, and maybe someday he will have the ability to fly like all the other dragons, but let's not forget that dragons are still considered a danger in the realm, so Hiccup had to keep his dragon hidden. For a while, the plan worked, and the dragon even got a name, which is Toothless! The dragon - a Night Fury, one of the fastest and the most powerful species of dragons, has the ability to subtract its teeth when it is calm and feels safe, so that's how it got its name – which is also used in Dragon Riders of Berk games.

Hiccup's father found out about his secret dragon and decided quickly for the dragon to be captured and killed, but the duo, Hiccup and Toothless, showed the Viking village ruled by his father that he is harmless and that the two have chemistry and a special bond. Hiccup showed his father that all dragons can be trusted and that they can be trained, and used throughout the kingdom – this is also the central idea of Dragon Riders of Berk games. This is the way that the story started with Hiccup and Toothless, and since then, the Viking kingdom became stronger, bigger, and dragon friendly, and in the present day, each Viking gets to have one dragon, and they have to have a special bond. Once a dragon matches with his Viking, the two will be partners forever.

Even though Hiccup and Toothless are perfect matches, they still happen to get into different difficulties due to the fact that Toothless is still with a small handicap. His wounds from when he was a baby healed, but he is missing a part of his tail, which will make it difficult for the Night Fury to fly exactly like the other dragons. Hiccup knows about his difficulties, and so he went to one of the builders in the village and he helped him build a special prostate for Toothless' tail. Hiccup had an accident when he was young, which made him lose one of his legs, and so they are both with small disabilities and had to learn together how to get past it so that they can live a normal life, train as hard as the other dragon trainers, and even pass them in the scores during the training.

Dragons and fights

The story, as well as the Dragon Riders of Berk games online, are going to be awesome because, dear kids, it gives you the opportunity to think that you can even become a dragon trainer. You will see that most of the characters of the show are going to be teenagers, and they will train hard with their dragons to become the best Viking fighters in the world. You will be part of their training inside each and every one of the adventure games that we have prepared here on our website. You, dear kids, will see that Hiccup and Toothless are the fastest ones because the Night Fury is the fastest dragon out there due to his shape, size, and power.

The Night Fury - Toothless is one of the fastest dragons in the world, but he and Hiccup had to work hard together in order to learn how to use the special tools that help Toothless fly without a problem. They often fell from the sky, and let's not forget that Hiccup is missing a foot, so it's even harder for them both to fly. It's very dangerous, because all the adventures that they go into as dragon trainers are difficult, and dangerous and make them fly far from home, and they will be on their own. You will see that we are going to post plenty of adventure Dragon Riders of Berk games, in which you will have to use the A, S, W, and D keys or the ARROW keys on the keyboard to keep control over your avatar from the How to Train Your Dragon games. There are going to be different challenges for boys that we are sure that you are going to love, including the ones in which Hiccup is going to fly with Toothless, and using the controls we mentioned, you will be the ones who will control Toothless, and so you have to be very careful and concentrated in order to make him fly as high and as fast as possible while remaining safe.

The action in Dragon Riders of Berk games online can also take place on the ground, not only in the air, so you will see that there are going to be different fights between the teenagers or the Vikings against the villains who will try to steal their dragons or harm other wild dragons. Follow the story of the Dreamworks Dragons to see what exactly we are talking about! These are not the only challenges that are going to wait for you inside the new Dragon Riders of Berk games category, and we are sure that you will manage to find your favorite game because there will be plenty of adventures from which you can choose!

You will find a lot of challenges in which Toothless is going to be sick, so, dear children, you can be his personal doctors! Messy Toothless is another popular game, in which you can see that he is going to be hurt, he will be dirty and have different hygiene issues, so you have to pick up the tools, use the MOUSE and start to clean the main character of the story so that he can start in new adventures with Hiccup. Have fun!

Are Dragon Riders of Berk and How To Train Your Dragon the same?

No, this series is the completion of the How To Train Your Dragon series.

Who is the main character of the story?

Of course, Hiccup and Toothless are the main characters.

What's Toothless' dragon name?

The Night Fury.

Are there more Night Fury dragons in the story?

No, the species is very rare, and it's believed that Toothless is the last of his species.

Where is this series aired?

You can find the series on Netflix.

Is there a new season coming?

Season 6 is aired already on Netflix.

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