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Here in this new and fun online category we have decided to offer you games with the characters from the animated series known as Endangered Species.

Get ready because today is another one of those fun days in which you get to play games with your favorite characters. Sometimes you are about to play games with characters that are yet not known or yet not appeared on Tv. Well in order to help you get to know them better we need to offer special categories to each one of them and in those categories we give you a few details about the characters of the series. We are more than sure that you will have a tremendous time with them, once you get to know a little about their life . Here in this new and fun online category we have decided to offer you games with the characters from the animated series known as Endangered Species. We are more than happy every day to be able to offer you all the online and fun games with your favourite characters and we sure hope that you will have a lot of fun together, while you play with us. For those of you who have not yet got to know them, we will offer you a few details and we invite you to go through them and have a lot of fun with us. The series premiered of different tv programs around the world, tv programs such and Teletoon, CBBC and so on. The series focuses on a group of animals who are actually endangered species and all their fun adventures and some of them actually dangerous. The main character of these series are Pickle a bunny, actually a junkie bunny, who is always very full with energy. Than another one of the main character and an endangered specie is Merl, a squirrel who is always, but always concerned about his safety. The third of the group is a seagull named Gull,a very naive one and very loving seagull. The trio find themselves in dangerous and somehow extremely funny situations form where they have to find a way out of it by putting their mind together and working on it. They need to stay together and face each dangerous situation they encounter in order to keep on with their life as endangered species. We are sure that you will get to love this characters and we invite you to join us and have a lot of fun while you spend the time with them. is offering you all this fun and new categories, so that you always have new reasons to stay with us and to visit our website. We also suggest you to invite all of your friends and let them have the same kind of fun that you have with us. Enjoy all of our games and have a lot of fun, here on, the website were all the fun starts with you by our side!

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