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The supernatural series called Evermoor will tell the story of a 15-year-old girl, Tara Bailey who is the main character and was uprooted from her urban American home to move to a spooky remote rural village in middle England with her best-selling novelist mother and British stepfather.

Next for today our administrative team has prepard a new and special category of games. Because we want you to have always new and beautiful online games to play, we have decided to offer you these categories in which we make sure you have all the existing games with the characters to whom the categories are dedicated. We know hw much you like to play games where you have your friends and favourite characters in the main role and that is why we offer you categories from where you can choose the one in which you will find games only with characters from your favourite show , serie of movie. Everytime we have the chance we make sure we offer as many categories as we can so you can play and have fun with us. The new category of games that we have to offer is with the characters from the disney show Evermoor. Because it is a new show, we want to offer you some details about it’s story and about the characters and that is why we invite you to join us and have fun in this new category. The Evermoor serie presents us the story of a 15-year-old girl, named Tara Bailey who is of course the main character Tara had to move with her family from her urban American home , to spooky rural village in middle England with her. Her mother is a novelist and her step father is a british, she has a brother and also a stepbrother and sister called Seb and Bella. They encoucter a lot of supernatural creatures and problems to solver with her siblings and protect their family and home. Tara, the main character, is the girl who's been to Evermoor before to visit her aunt Bridget when she was little and is the most excited about living there, even if she does not imagine how this would turn to be for her. She enjoys writing stories and because of this she has an over-active imagination which sometimes helps her very much with mysteries. In the show she solves mysteries in the manor and finds out later on that she is the supreme everine. The new leader of the Everines after aunt Bridget 'died' is Esmeralda. She is quite mysterious and very mean to Tara because she knows that Tara will replace her and become the new leader, the true leader. Bridget is Tara's aunt. She was the leader of the Everines. She faked her death so Tara can follow her destiny and she will later appear and help Tara with her new responsabilities. In this new category that we have the pleasure to offer to you, you are invited to join us and play all the games that we have to offer especially for you, here on games-kid.com, the website where all the good games are waiting for you!

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