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This time we have decided to offer to you as one of our next categories, a category that is dedicated to the characters from the serie known as Exchange Student Zero.

Well we have for you some new and fun categories to offer, new categories in which we are sure that you wil have a lot of fun playing with some of your favorite characters. It is time that the administrative team of to bring you some new and fun categories, new categories of games in which we want you to play the best online games that can be found. This time we have decided to offer to you as one of our next categories, a category that is dedicated to the characters from the serie known as Exchange Student Zero. In this new category we plan to offer you all the existing games with your favorite characters and we really hope that you will have fun playing them. Well we have always desired to see you happy and that is one of the main reasons why we have to offer you this new and fun games. On short we will talk a little about the story of this new and amazing online serie and we wait for you to join us and after you read the few rows, play the games we have to offer. In this serie we have as main characters two boys who are crazy about the card game known as Battle Day Zero. The name of two boys are Max Cameron and John Stitt and the card game that they like that much is actualy based on an alternate anime world. In one ordinary day, something amazing happens for the two boys who discover that with a combination of a wild storm and a mysterious booster pack that can bring in the real world one of the characters from the game, a characters with the name of Hero. Th teo boys are very happy that they have managed to bring in the real world one of their favorite characters from the game but in the same time they are a little scared that they could be discovered. They decided to take Hiro the school, were everyone thinks that he is an exchange student from Japan. Unfortunately Hiro is nt the only one that will came trough the portal that the boys have created, and so more characters from the game escape, both good and bad and get to the real world. The boys must send Hiro back in order to close the portal forever, but they are willing to do that only after the school will get overrun with Battle Day Zero characters. Hiro is not an ordinary boy, he is in fact the Prince of Karuta which makes him the main character of the serie. For him is very hard to fir in the South Perth Highschool as all is new and unknown to him and he has there no power, having to act juts like a normal teenager. Come and join your friend in this new category of games and play all the games that they have to offer especially for you. You will have all types of games and we are sure that you will have a lot of fun, here on your favorite website with both games for boys and girls. Do not forget to like and share us on facebook in order to get notification with the newest online games that we have to offer at every hour of the day and night!

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