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A beautiful category with games centered around the adventures of the four young wizards Mary, Helena, Snowy and Valery, in the magical town named Fableton.

Greetings to all our biggest fans of the site, we are so happy to see that so many of you return, every day, looking for more new interesting adventures to join, and since we already know what are your preference regarding games and categories, we try to offer you a wide and diverse range of new categories with lots and lots of games within. Come and join us today, just as you joined us within all those previous adventures that our site had to offer, as today, our site team from has brought you a lot closer to some of your favorite characters from some of the most beloved cartoon series. Like we said, today, you guys are going to be able to get closer and closer to the most interesting, fun and beloved cartoon characters, and that’s how we know that you are about to have so much fun. We would like to invite you today, to try the games within one of our latest categories from, a new category where you kids are going to have the possibility to meet with your best friends from the Fantasy Patrol. We know that you love a good story, so, come and try these fun adventures that you’re about to enter to, if you choose to play these beautiful new games within the category with your beloved Fantasy Patrol characters. Snowy - the cute dreamer, Mary – the smart one, Valery – the group leader, have united their magical powers with this cute energic girl, Helena, and they all have a very important mission, which is to create and keep the balance between their magical world of fairies and other creatures and the human world. It all begins within a wonderful town named Fableton, that’s where the three girls Valery, Mary and Snowy have arrived and met the other cute girl named Helena. Are you kids prepared to enter this fantasy world along with some of your favorite superheroes? Well, we truly recommend you all to join these group of four magical girls, with magical superpowers, because you will get to have lots of fun if you choose to try all the wonderful and adventurous games within this category Fantasy Patrol. Before you kids begin having fun with these cute and amazing girls, you should know more about them, what are they doing in Fableton, what is their mission, and what kind of dangers are they facing, every day. It’s also important to know that Mary, Valery, Snowy and Helena are constantly on a mission to keep the balance between the real, human world, and the fantasy world. Magical creatures live among humans in this Fableton town, and it’s the girls mission to make sure the citizens are safe and still believe that all those thrilling and magical creatures are just a spectacle for tourists. Obviously, that is not true, and just like the human world, the magical, fairy world also contains a lot of adventures and dangers that need to be avoided. Did we manage to get you kids interested within this beautiful category, which will contain as many games as we can gather for you? Well, then, come join all these amazing new games within the Fantasy patrol category!

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