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This time the new category that we have for you is a wonderful one dedicated to a new animated series named Floogals.

Get ready because this day is not over and we have for you even more new and fun categories and games to offer. The administrative team of games-kids.com is always happy to see you play our games and that is why we offer you new categories, with new characters each time we have the chance. This time the new category that we have for you is a wonderful one dedicated to a new animated series named Floogals. We have in mind a huge list of categories and we create them in the order that we think is right, and right now we want to offer you this new category, a category in which we are sure that you will have a lot of fun. This time the administrative team wants you to explore a little the description of this category, so that you get to know your little Floogals friends even better. We promise to bring you all the new and amazing games with the characters from the serie, so that you may have a lot of fun spending the time together on our website. The series follow the story of a number of three amazing little aliens who arrive on Earth and try to learn everything they need to know about humans interactions. You little friends are extremely funny, as they try to understand each of the humans decisions and emotions. They often get in trouble because they do not know certain things, but get out of those troubles pretty fast and even learn a few from it. The little aliens show us their perspective of everyday life and in each episode we see them in different discovery mission , using all their alien gadgets, work as a team and learn more and more about Earth and the humans. The three aliens are Captain Fleeker, a curious and adventurous alien, who is ready to hop into any adventure. There is also First Officer Flo, a collector and explored of the animals, water and all other things on Earth and other planets they have visited. Junior Boomer is the littlest of them , but with big dreams and huge desired of getting to know the humans on earth. These little aliens are teaching their little viewers to learn and explore the world, the little things surrounding them and discover all the beauty of the nature . What do you say? Are you curious to get to know your little friends? Than come and join the administrative team of games-kids.com and explore this fun and amazing category that has to offer new and amazing online games with the characters from the animated series known as Floogals. Have a lot of fun!

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