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This game has been added 11.01.2017, has played by 889 times and has voted by 3 times.

Grizzly Puzzle Game

We must tell you all about these new following games we've specially added on the site, for your entertainment, and since you are such big fans of puzzle games, then you should definitely hear about this beautiful new puzzle we've recently uploaded, it's called Grizzly Puzzle and it's part of one of our latest categories with Grizzly and the Lemmings. In this fun new puzzled game, you friends will get to meet one of the main characters of this cartoon series, which is obviously the Grizzly bear, relaxing and drinking a beverage. What you must do, is to scramble the puzzle pieces just so you can re-create that image and check it out how cool it looks for a bear to sit around, wearing sunglasses and drinking a nice beverage. Enjoy this fun new puzzle game, girls!


You can also read the instructions that Grizzly Puzzle are given in the game and follow them carefully!

Grizzly Puzzle Grizzly Puzzle

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