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Play free Battlenoid - Arkanoid Games

There are some arkanoid games waiting for you here on our site and they can be a lot of fun and we are sure you dear kids already know that, but most of the arkanoid games are pretty old, but not this battlenoid new fun activity here on our site. We are pretty sure you are really going to enjoy this Battlenoid new arkanoid type of fun and the best thing about this is that you are going to play against a player, and that can be the computer of even a second player because this Battlenoid is a 2 player game. Your mission is to use the platform you have in order to control the ball and hit the blocks and when you do that, it will grow onto your opponent's field and when it reacher the outer line of the game, ythe block will change its color and it will give you a point. Good luck!

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How to play

player 1: arrow keys; player 2:a,d