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Yes, you heard right! The World`s Easy-est Game is now available on our website. It's a great game that combines skill games, math games, and puzzle games, all in one! This game will offer you an experience like no other, so if you are bored of all the games played because they are all the same, then we invite you to join us and try out this awesome game. We will explain to you how to play it, and after that, you can start your game!

The character of this game is Queasy Cat, who does not like hard questions and hard things, and this is the reason she wants to give you one of the simplest quizzes ever, for which you have to prove that you are intelligent enough to solve it. Exactly like a cat, you have nine lives, meaning that if you don't have the good answers to nine questions, you lose. Make sure you don't lose the easiest game in the world. That will be a shame because you have a lot of experience in gaming, so don't let that happen.

Each level will give you something new to make, for example, a riddle to solve with a quick story where you have to guess Alice's age, or at another level, you can use the gun to shoot the zombies in front of you. At another level, you will have a sport-related task, so if you are a sports fan, you will do great. Remember to be very careful and keep your mind on what you have to do.

You will be timed for each question, so try to think and take action fast to make sure you manage to finish the game as a champion. Let's start right now and see how it works. You can always play again and become better each time. Good luck

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