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Get ready for a delightful adventure with "Glutty Cat", an adorable and hungry kitty on a mission to munch away and become the chubbiest kitty around! Welcome to our website, where the cutest and funniest cat game awaits all our fantastic players! If you love such cute animal games, where you can play with cats, feed them, then this game is for you!

In Glutty Cat, your adorable feline friend is feeling quite peckish. It's up to you to guide Glutty Cat around the map using your mouse and help it chow down on all the tasty treats! Yummy food is scattered everywhere, and Glutty Cat can't resist gobbling up everything in sight! But beware, not everything is edible. Keep an eye out for obstacles and things that might make Glutty Cat sick! Steering clear of these dangers is essential; otherwise, poor Glutty Cat might lose the game!

But wait, there's a twist! The more Glutty Cat munches on the delectable goodies, the fatter and happier it becomes! That's right, because the goal is to make Glutty Cat as chubby as can be! Each delightful morsel devoured earns you points, so aim for a high score and watch Glutty Cat grow!

Keep your eyes peeled for special upgrades and items that could change the game's environment or help Glutty Cat chomp down even more treats! Want to keep track of your progress? Your score is displayed in the middle of the screen, and Glutty Cat's weight, measured in kilograms, is in the top left corner!

Are you ready for this hilarious and unique arcade adventure? Dive into the world of Glutty Cat right now and join in the fun! And remember, this is just the beginning, stay tuned for more fantastic games coming your way! Also, share with some animal lover friends too!

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Use the mouse.