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Welcome to the new addition on our website, which is the game called "Fruit Snake"! Our fans and lots of people really love these games, and we're sure you're going to love this one too! Get ready to help this hungry snake gobble up as many fruits as possible! If you are a big fan of such games with snakes, then this game was definitely made for you, so what are you waiting for?

If you're all set to dive into this game, get ready to kickstart the fun! But hey, if you're curious to know more about this game before hitting play, stick around and read on. We've got some awesome details that'll make your gaming experience even better by giving you more information about it.

Your mission? Make the Fruit Snake grow big! If you're playing on a computer, use the A and D keys to guide the snake. For mobile devices, just use the touch controls to do the same. Your goal is to munch on as many fruits as you can find on the map. The more fruits you eat, the higher your score gets! Plus, every fruit makes the snake bigger and buys you more time. But watch out!

Sometimes, there might be obstacles in your way. Avoid them at all costs! Hitting obstacles means losing a life. And guess what? You've got only three lives, so be super careful. If you lose them all, you'll have to start the game from the very beginning.

Good luck! You'll need it, but we believe in your skills and focus. We're rooting for you! We're wishing you an incredible playtime filled with loads of fun! And hey, if you're up for even more excitement, why not check out some other games similar to this one? Share the joy with your friends too! They'll love joining in and having a blast, just like you!

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How to play

Use the A and D keys.