Air Traffic Controller

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Well this Air Traffic Controller is clearly going to be a new type of game, something like you maybe have never played before and we are more than happy to offer you the chance to play a game like this Air Traffic Controller because, as the title of the game clearly states, your mission is indeed going to be to control and direct air traffic and that sounds really interesting so we really hope you are going to be curious about that. 

This Air Traffic Controller is a game in which you are going to work at an airport and you are indeed the traffic controller, which means you will need to redirect planes and tell them exactly where to land, and you will have all kind of situations in which your mission is going to be more difficult, you will need to adapt to the traffic. 

Clearly this brand new Air Traffic Controller is not going to be the easiest game for you, but we are sure that if you concentrate on your mission you are going to do a very good job, and the first few levels are going to be easier just for you to get to learn what you need to do. 

In each level there are going to be all kind of airplanes coming to the airplane and you need to find the perfect route for them, you need to pay attention to the recommended landing strip for each plane and, of course, you also need to pay attention to avoid the colliding of planes because if they meet, they are going to explode and you will lose that level. 

The levels in this Air Traffic Controller are going to become more and more complicated and you of course need to figure out the best way each time. Good luck!

How to play

use the mouse