Wood Block Classic

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Play free Wood Block Classic - Puzzle Games

Wood Block Classic is one of the best new puzzle games with blocks that we have to bring you here on our website! This great game can be played both on your mobile device and computer, which is one of the reasons it is such a popular game! We are going to briefly explain to you the simple rules of this game, and we believe it is important for you to know them, especially if you are a beginner and haven't played this kind of game before.

In this game, blocks of wood in various shapes, similar to those of Tetris, are given to you on the bottom of the screen, three at a time, and with the mouse or touch controls, you have to take them and put them in the empty brackets so that you form a full horizontal line of blocks from left to right, which then get removed. It is very easy once you start playing, and we believe it is a very fun experience for kids but also for adults.

Once a line of blocks is removed, you get points, and you need to keep at it for as long as possible, making sure not to remain out of moves, because if that happens, as you get stuck, you lose and have to start again from zero. This is not a tragedy because you can always start from the beginning and improve your tactics.

We advise you to start right now and see what happens. Keep playing until you win the game, and make sure you tell all your friends about this great game so they can have fun too. Good luck!

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