Pet Brawl

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When you will see the title of this new game, Pet Brawl, we are sure you are going to picture a different activity then when you will actually start the game and that means this Pet Brawl is an exciting and a game full of surprises and of coruse that is what we want for all the games which we have for you. 

So indeed you are in the Pet Punch-Up arena and there are a lot of animals, let's call them pets, but they are definitely not all pets, and they are about to get feisty, but in a friendly and competitive way. Well you could think that your mission is to fight your opponents, maybe representing one of these pets, crocodiles, bears, ducks and pigs and so on, but that is in fact not your mission. 

Even if the fights in the Pet Punch-Up Arena are friendly, your mission is actually to break up the fights, and how can you do that? Well all of the fights are going to be on a platform, usually a round one but you can expect different shapes in different levels. 

Well you can draw lines on these platforms and that is going to cut the platform into two different pieces and that is going to break up the fights, of coruse if you manage to get the pets on two different platforms after the cut. But be careful because you have a limited number of lines in each level, you really need to pay attention to that, because if you don't manage to break up all the fights between the pets, you will lose the level. Good luck!

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