Five Nights at Freddys 3

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Get ready for an adventure with "Five Nights at Freddys 3", where spooky surprises await you! You're the new security guard and it's your job to watch over this haunted attraction. It's a bit different from the previous games in Five Nights at Freddy’s, so let's dive in and explore what's new!

In this third installment, the controls have changed a bit. When you move your camera all the way to the right and click, you can access the CCTV monitor and use the audio. Remember this audio trick, it's going to be super helpful later on. And when you move your camera to the left, you can control the electrical systems for Fazbear’s Fright. There are three systems: audio, camera, and ventilation.

The electrical systems are a big deal in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3. But don't worry, the first night is kind of easy-going. The game wants you to get used to these systems first. Playing around with them helps you understand how they work. If you use the audio from the menu on the right, it distracts Springtrap and leads him to other rooms. But if it fails, you'll have to reboot the system using the other menu. 

If you spend too much time on the camera system, you might get a 'Video Error' that needs fixing. And if the ventilation system goes wonky, you'll start seeing things that aren't really there! Use the audio to distract Springtrap while you fix the ventilation and clear your vision.

While Springtrap is the main threat, there are other ghostly animatronics from previous games that can give you a good scare. They'll jump out unexpectedly, mess with the electrical stuff, and even mess up your vision. Don't look at them for too long! Use the audio to distract Springtrap, avoid staring at ghosts too long, and make sure the electrical systems are working properly. If you can do all that, you might just survive the night!

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