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Welcome to the exciting world of "FNaFTD", where the night brings out sneaky enemies trying to capture you! But fear not, your task is to defend yourself with the help of a trusty Cupcake and other protective things. Get ready for a thrilling adventure where every round brings new challenges and enemies to face!

In this game, you'll discover four unique protective items, each with its special powers and abilities. You can make these items even stronger by improving them, sort of like making them even more awesome! There are a whopping 18 different enemies lurking around, each with their own tricky ways of trying to catch you.

These enemies come from three sneaky spots: the left, top, and right positions. They'll keep coming in waves, and the waves just keep coming. Down at the bottom of the screen, you'll see some important info: Life (Shown as a heart): You start with 100 units of life. When an enemy touches your table, it takes away some of your lives. 

Each enemy takes away different amounts of life. If your lives drop to zero, the game ends, so be careful! Coins (Displayed as a coin): When you defeat enemies, they drop coins for you. Use these coins to buy protective items or make them even better! Remaining enemies (Shown as the enemy's head): This tells you how many more enemies you need to defeat to move on to the next round. Keep an eye on this to know how much more you have to tackle!

Round (Indicated by a flag): This shows you which round you're currently playing. Can you make it through all the rounds? Place your protective items strategically to defend yourself from these sneaky enemies. Remember, you can put the protective items wherever you want (except for the walls, of course). Good luck and have fun!

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