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Play free Ball Sort Puzzle Color Sort - Puzzle Games

A very exciting ability and agility challenge is live! It's called Ball Sort Puzzle Color Sort, and we are sure that you have seen at least one type of this puzzle challenge before, and that you kids are eager to play it for free!

This new puzzle challenge with colored balls is available to be played on mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops! It's easy to play, and it helps children all ages learn a lot of logic thinking while they are playing, so it's very benefic.

At the beginning, you will go through a little tutorial to learn how to play this type of puzzle, but we are sure that you will understand easily, and once you are going to pass the tutorial, you will start earning points easily!

There are special glasses on the screen, and your main focus will be to spot the colored balls, which can be pink, red, blue, yellow, green, purple and even black, depending on how far inside the level you will manage to go into, and that will obviously earn you guys a lot of points.

It's a lot of fun, because all you have to do is fill the glasses with the balls that have the same colors, and so your puzzle will be completed! It's a lot of fun, because there will be glasses with multiple colored balls, so you have to make sure that you can move them from a bottle to another in order to have only one color in one glass, so that your puzzle to be completed, and you to earn all the points in that level. Have fun!

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How to play

Use the MOUSE to play.