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Hey, have you heard about this cool game called "Alternation Solitaire"? It's like this big puzzle with cards that's super fun to play! So, in Alternation, it's kind of like another solitaire game, you know, with cards and all that. But here’s the twist, you use not just one, but two whole decks of playing cards! Imagine that!

Okay, so here’s the deal: on the table, you’ve got all these cards, and half of them are face-up (you can see them) and the other half are face-down, they're a bit mysterious. And guess what? They're all lined up in this cool alternating pattern, like one face-up, one face-down, one face-up, and so on! The aim of the game? To move all the cards to these special places called Foundations.

How do you do that? Well, you need to build up these Foundations from the Ace, that's the number one card, to the King, that's the big boss card. And you’ve gotta do it for each suit. Clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades, they all need their own Foundation. Now, on the table, you've got these other piles called tableau piles. You can move the cards down these piles, no matter what the suit is. 

And hey, here’s a cool thing: you can move a whole bunch of cards at once if they’re all face-up and ready to go. But here's the catch: you can only go through the deck of cards once. So, make sure every move counts! And you can even double-click on a card to move it right where it should be. 

You can also do this neat trick: double-click or right-click on the game table, and all the cards that are ready to move will go where they need to be, just like magic! So, grab your decks, line up those cards, and let's see if you can solve the puzzle in "Alternation Solitaire"!

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