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Welcome to "Sniper Kill", the ultimate sniper game that will test your accuracy and precision like never before! Get ready to take on dangerous missions and eliminate high-priority targets with your expert marksmanship. Let's dive into the details so you can start your mission right away and have so much fun! Or if you feel prepared and you know how to play the game, you can start right away!

In "Sniper Kill", you'll step into the shoes of an elite sniper tasked with taking down targets in various scenarios. From saving hostages to preventing terrorist attacks, your mission objectives will require quick thinking and precise shooting skills. Using your mouse, you'll aim your sniper rifle at the designated targets. Hold the right mouse button to activate the scope, allowing you to zoom in on your target with precision. 

Once you have a clear shot, click the left mouse button to take your shot and eliminate the threat. Each successful mission earns you money and improves your ranking within your security company or military organization. Use your earnings to purchase upgrades for your rifles in the shop, enhancing your abilities and increasing your chances of success in future missions.

But beware, time is of the essence! You must take out your targets before they carry out their nefarious plans. Failure to act swiftly could result in catastrophic consequences. Stay focused, stay sharp, and become the ultimate sniper legend!

So gear up, lock and load, and get ready to embark on the most thrilling sniper missions of your life in "Sniper Kill"! With realistic gameplay, challenging missions, and intense action, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Don't wait any longer, start your mission now and become the hero the world needs! Invite some good friends too and enjoy the game together!

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Use the mouse.