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"Blonde Sofia Eye Problem" is a delightful game for girls that uniquely blends several fun formats, including doctor games, eye care, and dress-up challenges. Your mission is to help Sofia with her eye problem first and then transform her into a stunning beauty that will catch everyone's eye! This game promises an engaging and rewarding experience as you play the role of both a caring doctor and a fashion expert.

Begin by examining Sofia’s eyes. Use the medical tools provided to check her vision and identify any problems. You might need to use an eye chart to test her sight or special tools to look closer at her eyes. Clean her eyes with gentle solutions to remove any impurities or debris. Apply eye drops to soothe and moisturize her eyes. 

If there are any infections or injuries, use the appropriate medical instruments to treat them. This could involve applying ointment or performing minor procedures. If Sofia needs glasses, perform a vision test to determine her prescription. Choose a pair of glasses that not only help her see better but also look stylish. Once Sofia’s eyes are treated, it’s time to move on to makeup. 

Start with a gentle facial cleanse to prep her skin. Apply foundation to even out her complexion and cover any blemishes. Use eye-shadow to highlight her eyes, picking colors that make them pop. Apply eye-liner to define her eyes, making them look bigger and brighter. Add mascara to lengthen her lashes, giving her a more dramatic look. Choose a blush to give her cheeks a healthy glow and lipstick to add color to her lips.

Browse through the wardrobe to select a stunning outfit for Sofia. Whether it’s a chic dress or a trendy top and bottom combination, make sure it fits the occasion. Pick out a matching pair of shoes that complement her outfit. Decide on a hairstyle that enhances Sofia’s look. You can go for elegant updos, casual waves, or any style that suits her. Have fun!

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