Orcs Attack 2

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"Orcs Attack 2" is an enthralling hypercasual strategy and war game that immerses you in a fantasy world where orcs are your relentless adversaries. The game combines elements of strategy, tower defense, and resource management, challenging you to defend your stronghold against waves of ferocious orcs. 

The game starts with an immediate orc attack, so you need to act swiftly. Use the in-game currency you have to click on the unit buttons located at the bottom of the screen. Drag and drop these units onto the map to start defending your base. Place units strategically to cover different areas of the map. Balance between melee units to block and attack upfront, and ranged units to deal damage from a distance.

After successfully repelling the first wave, use the money earned to improve your defenses. Head into the headquarters where you can manage and upgrade your army. Expand your army by adding more unit slots. This allows you to deploy more units in future waves. Merge units of the same type to create stronger versions, or visit the shop to buy better equipment for your troops. Focus on enhancing both attack power and defense to withstand stronger orc waves.

Each successive wave of orcs is stronger and more challenging. Between waves, review your strategy and upgrade units. Consider the types of enemies you'll face and adjust your unit composition accordingly. Maintain a diverse army. Include swordsmen for close combat, archers for ranged attacks, and turrets for stationary defense. Diversity in your forces ensures you're prepared for various attack strategies the orcs may employ.

"Orcs Attack 2" is a game that blends excitement with strategic depth, providing a fun yet challenging experience. By defending your stronghold, managing resources, and upgrading your army, you’ll stand a better chance of fending off the orcish menace. So, dive into the game, strategize, and show those orcs who’s boss! And remember, practice makes perfect – keep playing, improving, and you’ll eventually master the art of defense in this thrilling fantasy world.

How to play

Use the mouse.