Long Neck Run

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"Long Neck Run" is the newest addition to our hypercasual 3D runner games collection, and we highly recommend it for both PC and mobile users. This game provides an exciting challenge where you can test your skills in collecting and avoiding obstacles. In "Long Neck Run", your goal is to control a stickman avatar as it runs through various courses, collecting rings to make your neck longer. 

The longer your neck gets, the higher your chances of passing through multipliers and eventually defeating large monsters to save the city. Move your stickman avatar left and right by dragging the mouse. Your avatar starts with a short neck. Along the course, you'll find rings scattered on the ground. The key is to collect rings that match the color of your avatar to grow your neck longer.

As you collect these rings, your neck stretches, and you gain height, which helps you pass through multipliers and challenges ahead. You'll encounter color-changing portals along the way. Passing through these portals will change the color of your avatar. After passing through a portal, you'll need to start collecting rings that match your new color.

The game features various obstacles and traps that you need to avoid to prevent losing progress. Hitting obstacles or collecting rings of the wrong color will slow you down and reduce your neck length, making it harder to progress. At the end of each course, there are multipliers that you can pass through to increase your final score. A longer neck allows you to pass through higher multipliers, leading to a bigger score.

You'll also encounter big monsters that you need to defeat by being tall enough. The taller you are, the easier it is to defeat these monsters and advance to the next level. "Long Neck Run" is a game that combines the simplicity of hypercasual runners with the unique challenge of growing your avatar's neck to great lengths. Each level brings new obstacles and opportunities, ensuring that the game stays fresh and fun.

How to play

Use the mouse.