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The series was made to show on the adventures of the main characters, Jimmy Giggle and his best friends , an owl named Hoot.

What do you say about some new and amazing online categories of games? Today our administrative team has decided to offer you some new categories of games and bring new friends to your life. Here in this new and fun online category, you will have by your side the characters from the ABC series known as Giggle and Hoot. This category is only one of the many that we have to offer to you, an amazing online category in which we are sure that you will enjoy your time. We want your experience during your visit on our website to be a great one and that is why we have decided to offer you this new and fun online category of games and all the details we have about it, so that you can get to know the main characters. This category promises to offer you all the amazing games with the main characters and the secondary ones and to ensure that you will have a great time. We will keep our tradition and offer you a few details about this category, hoping that you will go through them and find a few things about the series and it’s characters. The series was made to show on the adventures of the main characters, Jimmy Giggle and his best friends , an owl named Hoot. The two characters are the best of friends and they do everything together from playing to singing. When they play , they love to dress up and play the roles of various characters such as pirates, astronauts or kings and so on. Jimmy is very handy, he loves to fix broken things, but as every person he has a challenge, the magic button that never seems to work. He can make fun things out of simple everyday objects, make the fun. Jimmy also has a favorite toy named Giggleosaurus, and by it’s name , we are sure that you already figured out that it is a dinosaur toy. Jimmy has many talents and among those talents it is also his talent at playing various music instruments such as guitar, piano, baritone sax and so on. Hoot is Jimmy’s best friend and he loves everything about nature, the color blue, to take naps and his toy named Mini-hoot. Daytime is something extremely exciting for him, and even though he is a nighttime bird, he likes staying up all day and enjoy the time going on adventures with Jimmy and learn about various things. Just like Jimmy, he can also play some musical instruments but not that many. He loves to play the harmonica and the triangle. You will get to know your friends and to enjoy the time while playing all those amazing online offered games. Are you eager to get to know them better? Than come and enjoy all those amazing games that we have to offer especially for you, here on, the website where all the fun starts with you by our side!!