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What are Green Lantern Games?

This time the category that we have decided to offer to you next is dedicated to one of the most loved superheroes , Green Lantern.

Everyday we have for you new and fun online games, all this games are create especially for you, games in which we want you to join us and have a lot of fun playing with your favorite characters . All the games that we have for you can be found in different categories that are created especially for them and in this way we make it easier for you to find your favorite ones. We have for you another new and fun online category of games, a new category in which this time we would like you to join us and play new and fun games. This time the category that we have decided to offer to you next is dedicated to one of the most loved superheroes , Green Lantern. We have promised to create a category for each superhero who is known and here we are keeping our promises. This new and fun category of games that we have for you is for the characters from the Green Lantern serie, both animated and action movie. Here we will try to offer you all types of games with Green Lantern and invite you to play with him. Before you start playing them games come and read a few rows were we give you details about the superhero. The main character of the Green Lantern serie is a guy names Hal Jordon . In the beginning he was just an ordinary guy,a human with no powers, not plans for future, until one day when his entire life changed. Hal Jordan was following his dreams and the steps of his father and becamed a pilot. Years later when he was living his normal life, a alie named Abin Sur, who was also a member of the Green Lantern Coprs crashed his ship in the desers and knowing that he will die he gave the ring to Hal Jordon, to become a Green Lantern because of his ability to overcome any fears. His job was from that day to act like a galactic police and protect all life in he sector 2814. During the beginning of his job he learn a lot, among which that there are others 3600 Green Lantern in the Universe, all empowered by the same mystical creature , the Guardians. Hal was trained from the best cops including Kilowog with whom he befriends. Becoming a Green Lantern changed Hal’s life for good,as he had a lot of recuing mission across the universe and he had to battle unimaginable evil forces and was able to won them. In this new and amazing category of games that we have decided to create especially for you, we will make sure to offer you all the existing games with the characters from all Green Lantern series. We will offer you simple games, logical ones and then move to action and adventure games, even 3D games, especially for you. Come and enter the universe of Hal Jordon and play all the games we have for you!

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