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So, today the new category that we have for you is dedicated to the characters from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy .

The days are going by and we have more and more new categories . The administrative team has made the effort to offer you as many new online categories as possible . Our goal is to have for you all the categories that you desire and all the existing games placed in them. In every hour we have for you a new game in which you are invited to play with your favorite characters. All this is possible because we are trying really hard to offer you more and more games with your favorite characters . So, today the new category that we have for you is dedicated to the characters from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy . Here we want to offer you all the existing games with the characters, but before you can play them, we would love you to read the few details that we have for you next, details which will help you learn more about the characters and the story of the movie you all love. The movie starts in the 1988 when a young boy going by the name of Peter Quill is abducted by the Ravagers , some space pirates. After 26 years Quill steals an orb from the planet Morag and a subordinate of the fanatical Kree Ronan gets him. Quill manages very hardly to escape with the orb, but his leader, the one that abducted him finds out about this theft and wants his head at any cost, so he puts a bounty on him. While he tryies to sell that orb, he is found by his enemoies who take the orb from it. In the battle soon will be drawned a Raccoon named Rocket and a tree humanoid named Groot. The three of them get arrested and imprisoned in the jail Kyln. There they encounter with Drax and Gamora and decided to unite in order to keep the orb to get in Ronan’s hands and together escape from the prison. A great adventures starts in which the five of them will face a lot of obstacles in order to get rid of that orb and of Ronan. The lifes of all of them will change completely after this adventures. Because of the acts that they make, they are exonerated of their criminal acts and named Guardians of the Galaxy. Now the team is decided to continue protecting the galaxy from those who try to destroy it, or to do any type of harm. We invite you to come and join us in this new and amazing online categories with games dedicated to the characters from the most beloved movie, Gruardians of the Galaxy. Have fun playing all the games that we have to offer especially for you and enjoy spending the time on our website,, the website were all the fun starts with you by our side!

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