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What are Handy Manny Games?

The category is dedicated to the Disney junior animated series Handy Manny. The new category we have for you is offering you all the existing games with Manny and his friends, beautiful games that we want you to play with us.

A new Disney story is about to break here on our website! The new Handy Manny games are going to be available for you guys to play for free online starting today, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing ability challenges and trying to repair any broken item, object, car, robot or train from our website, with the help of the Handy Manny tutorials! This is a new CGI TV series called Handy Manny, in which you will see that Manny is going to be the main character. He is about your age, and he would love to become an engineer.

This series first appeared in 2006 on Disney Channel, and it premiered with two episodes on two different days of the week, so that kids can relate more and more with Manny and everything he does. In 2011, the Handy Manny series moved from Disney Channel to Disney Junior, where the audience was more on point for the series. The Disney show had three seasons that runned from 2006 until 2013, when the last episode was displayed on Disney Junior on February 14th.

Each and every one of the Handy Manny games that we are going to start posting here on our website are going to be free to play! Each category has it's own stars, and Manny will be the star of this free online games for kids. You will see that he is going to be always dressed for the job. You will see that he will always have a baseball cap or a worker's helmet so that he is safe through the adventures and each and every one of the Handy Manny games from our website. You will see how he will always have a worker's belt around his waist where he can keep his tools, and for them to be easily accessible when they are in need.

This is just a preview of the entire Handy Manny games and the series! You will see that the Handy Manny games are free to play, and each and every one of them are available even for your mobile phones and tablets.

Learn to fix

The entire series is going to take place in Sheetrock Hills, a fictional town where Manny, the main character lives with his family, and own a repair shop. Manny is not going to be alone, because he will always have his set of tools. This is not going to be an ordinary set of tools, because they are going to be magical tools from this Disney story! Manny's tools will have the ability to walk and talk by themselves.

Each of the series episodes will have at least 2 stories inside each episode, so that Manny can tell you guys more and more about his life and his hobbies. At the beginning, the show starts inside the repair shop, while Manny and his tools get ready for the day. After that, a customer calls the shop or just drops by with his broken equipment that Manny needs to fix with the help of his special tools. With each problem, the tools and Manny sing a special song called Hop up, Jump In, while the tools actually hop inside the toolbox.

With you by his side, Handy Manny will manage to become the best repairman on the internet! The Disney character will always be the main character of the Handy Manny games here on our website, and you will see how many interesting things are going to get into his shop! You will manage to learn new songs through this Disney JR story, and you will learn the names of the tools, and for that you can use them your own in your house once you grow older, or you can get some new tools toys to play with from today on.

Fix and play

Most of the Handy Manny games here on our website are going to start of course inside the repair shop, so you will see that Manny always keeps his shop clean for his customers. Everything will be organized so that Manny knows where each tool is when he is working, so the process of fixing will be faster and easier. Inside the Handy Manny games, you will see that the shop is going to be very bright and colorful. Right near the door, there's going to be a counter, where Handy Manny will meet his customers, and there's going to be a special spot where the toolbox can be set with all the tools.

Because it's a repair shop, you will see that it's going to be a special place, where he has a converter belt, where he can put his objects and start working on them and fix everything as fast as possible. Manny is very happy with each object that he fixes, and you will see how much fun you can have playing and fixing with him through each and every one of the Handy Manny games from our website.

The Handy Manny games that you can play are going to be very easy to be played, and you can see how much fun you can have playing with Manny and start fixing all the robot toys, cars toys, helicopter toys, TV sets, radios and even motorcycles.

Each and every one of the games with Handy Manny are going to be easily played, and you will have to use the MOUSE to play the games. Using the MOUSE, you will be able to pick up the tools that you have to use to fix the objects from your customers. You will see that Manny has in his toolbox a hammer, a french screwdriver, a normal screwdriver, a star screwdriver and even a saw. You will be able to use all these tools in the ability challenges, and we are sure that you will be able to fix any objects that comes in the repair shop, and there are going to be plenty of other new Handy Manny games for kids that you can play with all of your friends. Have fun!

Is Handy Manny mexican?

Yes, he is part of a big mexican family.

Is Handy Manny an engineer?

No, he is just skillfull and handy with tools.

How old should we be to watch Handy Manny?

Handy Manny is perfect for kids between 2 and 6.

Is Handy Manny related to Bob the Builder?


Does Handy Manny have a girlfriend?

No, but he has a wife, Kate.

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