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Harry Potter is one of the most famous wizards on the planet! He learns magic, fights against villains from the dark world, can fly with a broom, and his adventures are awesome. Puzzles, riddles, and exciting challenges are inside the story and the Harry Potter games online, ready for their fans.

First day at Hogwarts

You will find on our website a brand new category – Harry Potter Games! It's time for the kids to have a lot of fun, and you can see how much fun you can have playing with all of your friends because there are a lot of exciting challenges with the best games from the Harry Potter category! In this new category, the main character is going to be Harry Potter, which is a little boy at the beginning of the series, but he will grow up through the years.

This story is created by a very famous British writer called J. K. Rowling, famous for these novels created throughout 20 years. Harry Potter is a wizard that lives in a magical world hidden beside our real world, which is called "the muggle world". The term muggle will appear in the series a lot of times, and it's translated as ordinary people that cannot do magic, and so the magical world is keeping them apart in order to keep their life safe from all the dangers that come with being magical. Harry is not going to be the only character, and he will be almost always with his friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, and especially in the first books, most of the action is going to take part at the Hogwarts School of Magic, where you can go to only from a special pier of a London train station, known only by magical people, which is now a touristic landmark because the place actually exists.

Like any other main character in any story, Harry is going to need a villain, and he got one even from a fragile age. You will soon learn that Harry's father and mother were powerful wizards, but they lived at the same time as Lord Voldemort, who actually killed them when Harry was a little boy. After that, he cast a spell over Harry when he was an infant, and that spell created one of the most famous scars in history - the Z on Harry's forehead! Voldemort tried to kill Harry that night, but his magic had no effect on the baby, and that scared Voldemort. Since Harry came to Hogwarts, he tried to expel him so that he doesn't train and become more and more powerful.

Voldemort is a dark wizard, who became, when he was young, one of the most powerful wizards of all time, but because he started to have a bigger and bigger interest in black magic ever since he was studying at Hogwarts, he was expelled, and from the beginning of the Harry Potter saga, he wanted to become immortal to show everybody that he is the most powerful wizard of all time, who at the time was considered to be professor Dumbledore, which was the principal of the school.

Harry Potter over the years

As we already mentioned, the little boy that appeared in the first movie in 1997 called Philosopher's Stone started to grow in age, strength, and in knowledge, and you will see that the last movie appeared in 2007. Inside the first movie, it's all going to be about the history of Harry Potter, which is already very big, as he is famous all around the magical world as being the only human that managed to escape and survive an encounter with Lord Voldemort, which already killed a lot of powerful wizards, including his parents. During the first days at Hogwarts, he will meet his new friends who will turn into his family - professor Dumbledore, Hagrid, and all the other professors at the school, as well as the other students like Draco Malfoy.

The second movie of the saga appeared pretty quick, the next year, in 1998, and it's called the Chamber of Secrets. Inside this movie as well as the Harry Potter games based on it, the main character is going on his second big adventure with his friends Hermione and Ron, even though it is going to be very dangerous. You will learn that Harry found a secret journal which was spelled so that Harry could have the ability to talk to someone from the past, from when his parents still lived and studied at Hogwarts. It turned out that through the journal, Harry was actually talking with Voldemort, which once again tried to kill Harry but was not successful.

Prisoner of Azkaban is the third movie, which appeared in 1999, and it was a real hit because the story got even more interesting than in the two previous series. The action in the movie and the Harry Potter games online will be mostly outside of the school. Harry is going to meet with one of his parents’ best friends, and his godfather, which is chased not only by Harry but by Voldermort himself.

These are just a few of Harry Potter's adventures, but there are plenty of other movies, like Goblet of Fire that appeared in theaters in the year 2000, the Order of the Pheonix in 2003, Half-Blood Prince in 2005, and Deathly Hallows in 2007. Each and every one of these movies from the Harry Potter series beat record after record during box office and today, the entire franchise was estimated to value over 25 billion dollars.

You can help Harry!

The entire franchise and all the series of movies are loved by people of all ages, boys and girls, so the new Harry Potter games category is going to be filled with amazing challenges, in which you will have a lot of fun playing exciting challenges even on your mobile phones and tablets for free online! There are going to be Harry Potter games for boys on phones or exciting girly games on tablets that you can try for free, and in which Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron act as the main characters, and you will see that there are going to be challenges like racing, dress-up, makeovers, and even different smart challenges, in which you will go inside Hogwarts yourselves.

Harry is very adventurous and full of energy, and once you will start to look through the Harry Potter games category, you will find out many adventure games for boys, in which you and Harry Potter will do a lot of magic through the catacombs of the school, helping Hagrid plant different vegetables and fruit inside his garden for the children. There are a lot of cute little cooking games, in which you, Harry, and Hagrid will manage to cook the best recipes that you’ve ever seen on our website, like pizzas, burgers, or risotto.

The racing games inside the Harry Potter games online category will be very exciting because, besides the original motorcycle racing and the car racing challenges, you will be able to play quidditch, which is a game mostly like football, but played on brooms. You will race the other players while you are on the broom, and you will have to be faster and smarter than the other players in order to score goals, and if you want to win the game, you will have to catch the golden nugget instantly, instead of going through the whole game and gain the highest score.

The girls will not feel left out of this Harry Potter games category, which you will see due to the dress-up games, in which Harry, Hermione, and Ron will need new clothes for their adventures, and even to change the Hogwarts school uniforms, which will be very interesting to do because they might even appear in the next movies or series that J. K. Rolling might write in the future. Every girl needs a makeover now and then, and Hermione or Jinny are no different, so you will see that the clothes, the makeup, and the hairstyle can be changed and you will play through them inside this new category.

The puzzles and riddles will be very exciting because they are going to be magical, so you have to make sure that by the end of the memory games, puzzles, and even the math problems, you will be able to have the highest score. There are going to be very exciting pictures with Harry Potter from all of his movies, and you will see them only inside these new challenges which you can find only in our Harry Potter games category.

Is Harry Potter real?

No, he is not but the character Harry Potter was written based on a real person.

Is Harry Potter inside the Slytherin house?

No, Harry is and remained through the years in school in the Griffindor house.

Who is the principal of Hogwarts?


Who are Harry's friends?

Ron and Hermione – both in the movies, as well as in the Harry Potter games online.

What is a Muggle?

A muggle is an ordinary person who is not magical.

What age do you have to be to watch Harry Potter?

There is no age limit to start to watch the Harry Potter movies.

What's the next Harry Potter movie?

Harry Potter stopped its franchise but the Fantastic Beasts movies are what's next.