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Preschool kids and little children will fall in love with the new monster characters! This is going to be the new Henry Hugglemonster story from Disney Junior, in which you have a great time playing educational games for kids.

A brand new games category is appearing today here on our website, and it's called Henry Hugglemonster games online! This is going to be a brand new story with a little monster character that we are all sure that you guys will love because you will see that he is going to look like a monster, but he is going to be called Henry, and he will have a very nice personality! Henry Hugglemonster is his full name, and you will see, dear kids, that he is very excited to meet you all, guys. This is going to be a new CGI children's animated television series, in which you will have the chance to meet with your favorite monster character, which moves like a real human.

This new Henry Hugglemonster games category is going to be ready for you right here on our website, where, dear kids, you can have a great time because the main character from Disney Junior is ready with the most exciting challenges for kids. The new category is going to be ready starting today, and you can see how much fun you can have playing the little Henry Hugglemonster games for children because they will be HTML5 challenges that you can try not only on your laptops or computers. After all, they will be available for you to play for free even on mobile phones and tablets! It's going to be a lot of fun, because the Henry Hugglemonster story is going to be amazing, and made especially for kids aged between 2 and 7.

The entire Henry Hugglemonster show on Disney Junior appeared due to an illustrated comic book called “I'm a Happy Hugglewug”, which appeared for the first time in 2005. The first episode of Henry Hugglemonster on Disney Junior appeared in 2013, on February 8th, not in the US, but the United Kingdom. The series had a few seasons going on, and the final episode appeared in 2015, on November 30. You will have a great time playing with the main character and all of his friends, in all Henry Hugglemonster games, because they will prepare for you, guys, different challenges, different adventures, and even different types of ability games for kids which you can play for free even on your mobile phones!

Every day of the week, here on our website you will manage to find new Henry Hugglemonster games online, and this category is going to start to be filled with awesome challenges that you can play for free. The entire category is going to be filled with cute little games for children, from which you can learn a lot of things, which is a theme from Disney Junior, so you can even call the category a learning or educational one, in which we are sure that you will have a great time playing with Henry Hugglemonster and all of your friends because, dear children, you can see how many 2-player games for kids will be ready to be played by you, guys.

What's a Hugglemonster?

You will now learn everything about the main character! Henry Hugglemonster is the main character, and he is a little monster. A yellow monster, to be more exact, who lives in a small village called Roarsville with his entire family. Most of the characters will be from Roarsville, but there are going to be other small villages like Growlsberg and Growltown, which host other types of little monsters with different traits, which will make the entire series even more interesting. Denzel Dugglemonster is one of the secondary characters in Henry Hugglemonster games online, and you will learn that he is going to be Henry's best friend, so he will be very present inside the show, and even in the little mobile phones and tablet games with the Hugglemonster characters!

Another character is Gertie Growlerstein, who is not as present as Denzel, but he will be a big part of the show, as well as the Henry Hugglemonster games. The entire show is going to be based on the little activities of Henry and all of his friends, which you will see are not easy, because each and every one of the challenges that the little characters will start and try to solve will almost always lead to problems and adventures which you and Henry Hugglemonster will have to finish and even start to gain a lot of points by the end of the games. Henry is going to be the biggest problem-solver of the story, and you, dear kids, will see that his daily life is going to bring you a lot of adventures and challenges for kids that you can play with for free, based on the episodes of the Henry Hugglemonster show from Disney Junior.

A new day and a new adventure is going to happen with each and every one of the Henry Hugglemonster games because you will see that you, guys, as well as him will manage to learn a lot of valuable lessons with each challenge. Inside the category, you will see that there are going to be a lot of monster characters that you can meet, and with which you can have a great time playing little educational challenges for kids of all ages. The little monsters are going to be placed in families, and they will appear from different little villages like we already said, and we are going to continue by telling you, guys, which are the families, and which are the little monster characters that you can meet with while playing the Henry Hugglemonster games online from our website.

The families!

You will learn next which are the monster families, which are the characters, and which can be your favorite to play with inside our new Henry Hugglemonster games category. The very first family is the Hugglemonster, in which you are going to find Henry Alfonzo Hugglemonster, who is a 5-year-old character, who is also a yellow monster, and, when there's a problem, he will be the first one who is going to try to solve it and make sure that his family and friends can solve anything no matter the difficulty of the problem. Henry loves to play different kinds of sports, because it’s healthy and it's good for all children to do sports and exercise, and one of his favorite sports is playing soccer. Henry's favorite word to say is Roarsome, which you will see him say a lot of times during the show, and it will also appear inside each and every one of the little Henry Hugglemonster games for kids that you can find only here on our website.

Summer Hugglemonster is Henry's 7-year-old sister, she is pink and will be always dressed nicely, and she will wear red shoes so that you, guys, can see her from a crowd. Summer loves to be a performer, so you will see that she is always going to be singing, dancing, and putting on real musicals or even theater plays, even in Henry Hugglemonster games. Cobby is the second sibling that Henry has, and he is going to be the older brother of the family, with which you will be meeting in plenty of the ability games from our website. He is going to have blue skin, he is 8 years old, and he is also known as Cobster, because most of the characters will have little nicknames. Cobby is a full-time inventor and he will have a lot of special inventions and you might love to see how many exciting little objects and robots he will create throughout the show.

Ivor, Daddo, Grando, Swifty, and Momma are going to be some of the other Hugglemonster characters that are going to be part of the same monster family, and which you will be able to meet once you follow the Henry Hugglemonster story, and start playing our Henry Hugglemonster games for kids.

Besides the Hugglemonster family, there's going to be a second one, which is the Dugglemonster family! Inside this family, one of the most popular characters is going to be Denzel. He is going to be Henry's best friend, and he is going to have a passion for digging tunnels, and you, dear kids, will have to be sure that you can defeat the challenges with the help of Denzel, and you will have to help him use the special tools to defeat the challenges in Henry Hugglemonster games online. Denzel is white and has a brown ring around his right eye so that you can know how to spot him quickly from a crowd. Just like Henry, he is also going to have a catchphrase, which will be "Grr-ocious". Herold Dugglemonster is Denzel's father, and he is going to be working as a baker in his village. Maude, Grammo, Gurgler, and Denzel 300 are going to be other characters from the Dugglemonster family, and we are sure that you will have fun together.

The Growlerstein family is another family of monsters that you will have fun with. Gertie is one of Henry's friends, she is going to have orange skin and yellow swirls which will make her a unique monster for the Henry Hugglemonster series. Milo, Gregor, Joyce, and Sneezo are other characters from the Growlerstein and they will be little monsters that you guys will love, we are sure, and they will have for you great and amazing challenges for kids that will be ready for you to try for free inside the Henry Hugglemonster games category which you can play with all of your friends for free. Have fun!

Where can we watch Henry Hugglemonster?

The series is aired on Disney Junior.

Is the Henry Hugglemonster series still on TV?

No, the series got canceled in 2015.

Who is the main character of the show?

Henry Hugglemonster.

Are all monsters called Hugglemonster?

No, Hugglemonster is the name of Henry's family.

How many types of monsters are there?

There are a few families in the show: Hugglemonster Dugglemonster, Growlerstein, Enormomonster, Snifflemonster and Blobbymonster.