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What are Holly Hobbie Games online?

Holly Hobbie is a beautiful girl, starting a new page in her life, where she can play with you guys amazing puzzles, dress-up games, finish fashion challenges and trendy makeovers for new beauty pageants that sie is about to star on. This is a full girly story, in which spas, makeovers, dresses, makeup and hairstyles are the main focus.

As always, and we are sure this won’t come as a surprise for you kids, our site games-kids.com has for you more new and fun categories to offer especially for our dearest friends and we can definitely promise you that every time you visit our site, there is more adventure waiting for you to experience it.

It is time to bring you the next category for today, a new category that we want to add to our amazing increasing family of categories because we know that you can have the best of times with your good friends, and any game can be more fun together with a friend , so that is why in all the categories here on our site you can only play with the cutest and most friendly characters ever.

This new category is a fun category with amazing new games, created especially for you, like all of them here. As you all know and we told many many times, we are always in search of the most beautiful games for you, games in which you are invited to join us and have fun at every hour of the day and night. All these games are put in special categories dedicated to the series or characters but also in categories that match the type of game, so that you can find them more easily and have a lot of fun with us and your friends.

This new category of games that we have decided to create for you next is a very beautiful online category in which the main characters will be form the animated series Holly Hobbie and Friends. Like all the other characters you get to meet here on our site, Holly Hobbie Is also very friendly, she is a little girl and she knows a lot about games and fun times and she is ready to share all of her fun times with you in all the games here.

You can be Holly Hobbie

Slowly we will offer you categories with all the existing series and we will place all the games in them and now is the turn of this new category. Here we plan to offer you new and fun games with the characters from the series Holly Hobbie and Friends, which means you don’t only get to play with Holly Hobbie, a very cute girl as we said before, but also with a lot of her friends who are also here to get to know you, become better friends and have a lot of fun.

But before you can play the games in this Holly Hobbie, girls games, adventure games, puzzle games and all kind, we would really like you to come and read this following lines about the story of the series and it’s characters and get to know them , so that when you get to play the games to understand them better and of course to have an even more fun time with the cute characters here who are all ready to have a good time.

The name of the show is Holly Hobbie and Friends, so here we will talk about Holly’s friends too, hetr family and everybody who is part of her life because they can all appear in the games we have with her and her friends.

Try to become friends

The main character is of course Holly, who is a 10 years old little girl, blond and in her simple patchwork dress and floppy blue bonnet . Holly has a lot of hobbies but what she loves the most are adventures, writing and even design and she can share all of these passions of hers with you kids. She likes to design her own clothes and sometimes she designs for her best friends too so that means there are a lot of interesting dress up games waiting for you too. The series is airing on Nickelodeon and there you can join her and her friends and have a lot of fun, get to know them better and therefore be even more excited about the chance to meet them here on our site.

We are sure that you will get to love all of them and have fun only by watching the series. After you know a little about the girls, we are waiting for you to join us and play the games that we will have to offer especially for you. By playing the games you will get to know even more about your friends, about Holly , Amy and Carrie, because Amy and Carrie are indeed her best friends and they are going to appear in a lot of the games we prepare for you here.

Holly Hobbie is a real dreamer and a doer and she is very curious to find out more about the world around her, together with Amy and Carrie and of course together with you, kids, who she just can’t wait to meet.

Holly’s favorite place is Clover, there lives her aunt and uncle and a lot of other friends and people she cares about . Are you ready to play the games that we have in store for you? Great! Come and join your friends from the nickelodeon series Holly Hobbies and Friends and have fun, here on games-kids.com!

Who is Holly Hobbie?

Holly Hobbie is a very nice little girl, blond and wearing a bonnet, who is ready to be friends with all of you and have a lot of fun.

Who are her friends?

In the Holly Hobbie and Friends cartoons, and also in the games, you also get to know Amy and Carrie who are her best friends and who are always ready to play with you.

What kind of games can you find here?

Girl games, little adventure games, anything with Holly Hobbie and her Friends in which you get to explore adventures and have fun together.

What does Holly Hobbie love the most?

She is a very creative girl, so she loves fashion, designer her own clothes and going on adventures.

Where is Holly Hobbie from?

Holly is from Collinsvile, a small town where she has lived her whole life together with her family and friends.

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