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The category that we have in mind for you is dedicated to the characters from the nikelodeon serie Kai Lan.

Nickelodeon is presenting us today the new Kai Lan games category, which we already have posted and filled with some of the most exciting and the cutest games for children that you can try out for free. The new Kai Lan games on our website are not stopping here, and there are brand new online challenges for you to try every day. We are waiting you guys in a big number to try out the new challenges from Nickelodeon which we are sure that you will love.

You are going to meet brand new characters inside the Kai Lan games, and we are sure that you will love them all. Make new friends while playing kids Kai Lan games, and you will see how the main character is a cute little girl that is only 6 years old, so she might even be your age, and you will see how brave she is. There are plenty of lessons to be learned throughout the Kai Lan games here on our website, and the fact that it's already played by a lot of children is just a fact that encourages us to bring you kids more online Kai Lan games on phones for you to try out.

This new Nickelodeon show was presented on Nick Jr with small episodes that the industry calls shorts. They are not 100% episodes, because their length is very short, under 5 minutes. The first season of the Ni Hao, Kai-Lan show was in 2007 on Nick Jr, and it was actually in the United States, even though the name of the show would recommend it to the Asian market. The entire series is going to show the life of Kai Lan, and how an Asian is living in America, in a american-asian household, and which are the perks or difficulties a kid that lives that lifestyle has to go through everyday.

Nihao, Kai-Lan

We are sure that you will love playing the online Kai Lan games, because they are for kids all ages! The show is going to bring forward the main character, a cute little girl that is called Kai-Lan. She is just 6 years old, but she is not going to be alone, because always by her side, there are going to be plenty little anthropomorphic animals, which are her best friends. Kai-Lan is very special, because she is actually one of the first asian-american character in a cartoon, and Nickelodeon tries to show the struggles that she is going through on the daily basis. Kai-Lan is the main character, so she is going to be present in all the episodes on Nick Jr, and of course, she is going to be present in each and every one of thew fun Kai Lan games that we are going to bring for you guys.

Another important character in this new show is Rintoo! Rintoo is the first important animal character in the Kai Lan games, and you will see that it's a 6 year old Bengal Tiger. When you hear of a tiger as a pet or a friend, you might think it's crazy, but Rintoo is always helping and protecting Kai-Lan in any situation. Tolee is a koala, and is 1 year younger than Rintoo and Kai-Lan. Lulu is a rhinoceros, which is also special, because is an unique pink rhinoceros. The last animal character that we can present from the Kai Lan games is Hoho, a monkey that is only 3 years old.

These are just a few of the Kai Lan games characters that you are going to meet! It's up to you to enter our category and start to look for other characters, point them out and tell us all about it.

Nickelodeon wanted to create a show easy to follow for kids all ages, so you will see that the narrative is easy to understand. The episodes are not very long, and they are all little moments in Kai Lan's day, and displaying what are the difficulties her and her friends are facing every day as kids. She is always solving riddles, puzzles and little adventures with the help of her animal and human friends.

Challenging your inner ninja

We always want to present the most exciting games for kids, so today we are bringing forward the Kai Lan games for children all ages. These little challenges are kid-appropriate, and we are sure that you boys and girls will have a great time playing little adventures, skill games, ability and and puzzles with Kai Lan and all the other animal characters from this new Nickelodeon show.

One of the most popular Kai Lan games on our website is the Tolee Bamboo Bounce, a cute little game, in which Tolee the koala is the main character. It is a little adventure game and ability game, in which you will have to help Tolee to reach a bamboo branch with each jump that you will take. The character has to be kept safe through the entire adventure, and during this Kai Lan game, you will manage to have the highest score if you survive and bounce from a bamboo to another as fast as possible, and so you can become the best player of the game, and there will be plenty of other cute little Kai Lan games as surprises for you appearing here on our website.

The second most popular Kai Lan games on our website is the Meet the Baby Panda, a little baby animal game which is more for girls, because you have to take care of a little baby panda! Using the MOUSE you will have to go through the challenge and be sure that you are able to help Tolee with his new baby and teach the koala bears how to take care of a baby animal, as you have played already plenty of other baby caring games for kids right here on our website.

These are just a few cute little challenges that Nickelodeon has presented for you guys, and you will manage to see in the future that we are not stopping, so new games like the Kai Lan games are going to continue to appear for you to try out for free. Have fun!

Where can we watch the Kai Lan show?

This show is on Nick Jr.

When did this show first appear?

The first Kai Lan episode was in 2008.

Who is the main character of this show?

Kai Lan, a cute baby girl.

How old is Kai Lan?

She is 6 years old.

Does Kai Lan have any friends?

Yes, Kai Lan has animal friends that are always by her side.