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The category that we have in mind for you is dedicated to the characters from the nikelodeon serie Kai Lan.

We are happy to offer you new and beautiful online games and all of this game we place in special categories dedicated to different characters and types of games. We would like you to be by our side every day when we have new games for you, we and beautiful online games in which you can play with some of your favourite characters. Every day we are trying to offer you some for the best online games and they are put in their special categories,for you to find them more easily. This time we have for you new and beautiful online categories to offer and we hope that you will love playing the games that they have for you, games with some of the most loved characters. The category that we have in mind for you is dedicated to the characters from the nikelodeon serie Kai Lan. All the serie centers around the antics and adventures of Kai-Lan, as she faces many duties as empress of her own land. Along with Rintoo as the emperor, she'll face many challanges like sharing toys, caring for a sick person and ultimate problem they are always having fun playing games and facing the problems they have. Join them, Hoho, Tolee, Lulu and more of your favorite characters, along with new ones on journeys and adventures like you've never seen before an along with Kai Lan, learn new things, new word in mandarin and have fun. You will see that not only in more the serie you will have by your side Kai Lan and you will have fun, in the games all these will be more intense and we are sure that you will love playing them . Kai-Lan is the main character of the serie, as you may already realized , a playful, adventurous young girl with a big heart. She speaks both English and Mandarin Chinese, and she is eager to share her language, her culture, and her playtime with her animal friends and you. Kai-Lan is a natural leader but she is also thoughtful and caring with a gift for helping her friends when they really need her and wherever the need her. Ye Ye is Kai-lan's grandfather and legal guardian. He was born in Hong Kong and lovingly passes on his exciting traditions to his granddaughter. He provides Kai-lan with gentle guidance, leading her to find her own answers, at her own pace. Rintoo is a rambunctious yellow and black tiger who often acts before he thinks. He likes to play rough but when it comes to his friends, he's willing to compromise and do everything for them. He loves dragons and racing racecars. Even though he is with Hoho most of the time, his actual best friend is Tolee. In this new category we will offer you as many new games as we can with your favourite characters from the serie Kai Lan. Enjoy spending the time with your favourite characters, here on games-kids.co

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