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New girl categories are not often surfacing on games websites, but today the Kally Mashup games category is appearing and you are going to be transported in the Nickelodeon word of musical children. Kally and all of her girl friends and boy friends are in love with music, so they attend the music college in their town, where dear friends they have prepared a lot of adventures and challenges that you will be able to play for free in order for Kally the 13 year old girl to become a pop star, Dante to become a real DJ and Andy to be part of a real symphonic orchestra. A lot of Kally Mashup dress up games, Kally Mashup girly challenges and music creating and dacing challenges are going to wait for you to play for free, and we are sure that you will have a great time and that you can see how Kally wants you to be her friends. Have fun!

Only here on games-kids.com, all your favorite TV shows are appearing and you can play them with the most interesting characters that are appearing in amazing games. Today, we have a new set of these amazing games, and we are putting them all in the latest games category that we have just published. This new games category is called Kally's Mashup, and you dear friends have the chance to meet again with many new characters that we are sure that will have a great time playing awesome games and gaining a lot of points with you guys. Kally Mashup is a new girly games category, in which most of the characters are going to be young little girls and teenage girls from highschool that we are sure that you will like and with which you will form special bonds. You dear friends can see that today we are bringing the Kally Mashup games category, a brand new Nickelodeon story based category, in which you and Kally, can have a great time and gain a lot of points together. The Nickelodeon story of Kally's Mashup is based on the story of a little girl that loves music and dancing which decided that she wants to become a professional piano player, and since that day, Kally started going to the special music college in her town, where she fast become the city's musical prodigy, which means that Kally is under a lot of pressure to become one of the best piano players in the world. We say that it's a lot of pressure on Kally, because she is just a 13 years old girl, which is going to need your help to finish each and every one of her girly games here on our website. Kally loves playing the piano, and we are sure that yo will learn a few tricks from Kally during the games here on our website, and you dear friends will even learn how to play the piano by the end of this challenge, and that means that you can start to learn how to play the piano in real life, just like in the Kally's Mashup story from Nickelodeon. Even though most of Kally's time is taken over by the piano recitles and piano lessons at the musical college, she will want to have a break from now and then, and that means that with each break, you will have a new Kally Mashup game right here on games-kids.com. Kally's games will differ from girly games like dress up, hairstyle or makeover challenges to little puzzle solving, memory cards games or even coloring games that you can sort out together, and we are sure that you and Kally will have a great time playing each and every one of the games that she has prepared in our latest Kally Mashup games category. Kally is very excited to meet you, because she is sure that you can help her fulfill her dream of become a real pop star that plays the piano, so we are sure that you will put in a real effort to help Kally finish each Nickelodeon game and gain a lot of points in the meanwhile. Kally is not going to be the only character in the Kally Mashup games category, and you can see that Dante, a little DJ from the same music college is going appear often enough in the Kally Mashup games with Kally, and Andy one of Kally's best friends, which like Kally loves music and wants to be an orchestra conductor when he grows older, and we are sure that you will have a great time helping each character, and listening to amazing music created by kids that are not even teenagers yet, because remember that Kally is just 13 years old. Make sure that you search the we for Kally's Mashup games or Kally Mashup games, Nickelodeon Kally Mashup games and click the games-kids.com links, and that means that you are one click away from all the fun that you can have for free right here on our website. Have fun!


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