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This new category that we have for you next today is dedicated to the characters from the Disney serie known as Kate and Mim Mim.

Well well look who we have here! It seems that you like to spend more and more time on our website and we are more than happy to get you new categories and games so that you can have a lot of fun spending the time with us. This time the administrative team of games-kids.com has decided that we should offer you a new category, also meaning more new games. At every hour of the day and night we try really hard to offer you at least 30 new online games and we sure hope that we succed. We have categories for all types of games and we know that you would love to try them all. Some of you may love simple educational games, some of you more complex educationals games, but are among you that love action and adventure games and why not some that love all types of games . No matter which of this type you are, we have for you a lot of games that you love and we promise to bring you even more. This new category that we have for you next today is dedicated to the characters from the Disney serie known as Kate and Mim Mim. Because we know that you want to have a lot of fun with your friends, we will make sure you have all the existing games with them in this new and amazing online category. Kepping our tradition concerning the few details about each category does not miss, because here in the following rounds we will talk with you a little about them. The serie tells the story of a sweet girl named Kate who has a toy rabbit going by the name of Mim-Mim with whom she travels to a fantasy world named Mimiloo. Mim Mim gets to the size of a huge toy who always love to play. Kate is 5 years old , living with her parents in a little house . Whenever Kate sees someone who has a problem , or has a problem she calls his friend Mim Mim to lofe and travel together to her imaginary world, where they have a lot of fun together. Mim Mimi is made by Kate’s mom and gifted on her birthday. Kate helps Mimi overcome his adventures and have a lot of fun in this world. The two of them have a lot of fun together and they have a great bond created . Their adventures are always fun and amazing and we are sure that you will have a lot of fun playing the games that they will have to offer especially for you. Are you ready for some fun moments with your friends from the newest Disney serie Kate and Mim Mim ? Well than come and join us and play all the fun games we have in store for you, here on games-kids.com, the website were all the fun starts with you by our side!

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