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Kody Kapow visits his family in China and he becomes the next Village Defender. Even though Kody Kapow is only 9 years old, he knows martial arts and he has his family by his side to save the village from all the villains.

The most important thing for us here on our site dear kids is to make sure that you have a nice time and we know you are going to have the best time ever when you play the interesting games we have for you, boys games, girls games, all kind of action and adventure games,but we know we have to give you the chance to meet new friends, new stories, because this is the only way you won’t ever get bored here on games-kids.com. This time you gt to make a new friend with the Kody Kapow category, we are sure you have already heard about Kody Kapow because he is a very cute little boy and of ocurse that his story and his adventures are also very popular so of course that in the Kody Kapow boys games you can have a lot of fun adventures, but in the same time they are suitable for girls too and you have to know that in all the Kody Kapow games you have the chance to make new friends and what is greater than that. And now we would like to give you some details about Kody Kapow and his life if you haven’t seen the cartoons with Kody Kapow or if you haven’t played any games with him, we are here to give you his life story so you would feel you know him because we are sure that if you know who you are playing with int his adventure games you are going to have even more fun. So in the Kody Kapow games, the story begins when he moves to China when he was 9-year-old , because he has a part of his family there and of course that he wants to visit them and to get to know them better. While he is in China, Kody Kapow learns that he is next in line to become Village Defender which sounds like a real adventure and even though he is little, Kody is very brave and he is ready to learn . But he'll have his hands full, with the evil Mogo Monkey No Go and his monkey minions causing plenty of chaos around town because with every superhero you have to have a villain too . Luckily, Kody has the help of his grandfather Master Li, his super-sleuth cousin Mei, and 'fraidy-cat tiger Goji who are his family and who are ready to teach him everything they know about the legends of the Village defender and what his mission really is . They also have a secret weapon: the Sapphire Dragon, which they use to Kapower up into martial arts-style superheroes. So the Kody Kapow games are about adventure, are about Kody Kapow who is kind of like a superhero and who is here to save the city from the evil villain, he knows martial arts and he is ready to learn more and more to save the innocent. So come dear kids and check out all the Kody Kapow games we have for you because we are sure you are going to have the best time ever in this boys game, we say boys games because Kody is ready to fight like a superhero, but all of you are more than welcomed t the Kody Kapow games so come and help him be the Village defender. Good luck!