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What are Lab Rats Games?

The story of the series goes around Leo Dooley a 16-year-old teen who is loyal, caring, and intelligent. He has demonstrated these qualities in various situations, especially when his family is involved. When Leo tries to find his bedroom he accidentally discovers teenage siblings with bionic powers living in his new basement.

Disney stories?! We have them all! Lab Rats games are the latest show that gets an individual games category here on our website, and you will see that the Disney characters that you love and watch on TV are going to start bringing you guys some of the most exciting and the cutest free online games and video games for children that you can play for free. The new Lab Rats games that we are going to present for you boys and girls are going to be very exciting, free, and available even on your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or, computers so that you can play Lab Rats games wherever you are.

This series is known in the Disney XD world as Lab Rats or Lab Rats: Bionic Island after a few seasons online. This is a comedy TV series that appeared for the first time in 2012 and it appeared for four entire seasons, and it ended in 2016. Some of the characters are going to be played by well-known teenage actors like Billy Unger, Spencer Boldman, or Hal Sparks among others. From this series, you will manage to find a lot of lab rats games unblocked online, lab rats games online, fun lab rats game guide, from which you will learn a lot of cute little insights from the show, and a few new things about technology.

You should be ready to learn more about the series, but for that you will have to follow this description and start to see which are the important things that will make you start to play each and every one of the Lab Rats games presented in this category! The entire series is going to rely on the life of teenagers that are very much into tech or technology, they want to learn more and more about it, and see how they can defeat any challenges that the tech world can bring in front of them. Being very good at what they do, they will also have different challenges to solve, because their enemies will try to steal their ideas and the technology that they created, and use it as their own.

What are the Lab Rats

The series will start with one of the main characters, Leo Dooley, which is a teenage boy who one day suffers a drastic change in his life. His mother is about to get married to a billionaire inventor called Donald Davenport. He is going to move in with his new family to a new house that Donald created. Being a new house, and a way bigger one, one day when Leo was looking for his bedroom, he got a little lost through the corridors and he found a special room in the basement, where he found Donald's "secret".

Inside his house, Donald invented a new type of bionic human! Leo found a group of teenage bionic children who are going to be called his siblings. They are special, because these bionic humans have superpowers, and will be stronger, faster, and more intelligent than normal human beings. The bionic teens are going to be somehow the main characters of the Lab Rats games and the entire series from Disney XD, and you will see that they will prepare for you plenty of adventure games, action games, boys games, robot games, and plenty of exciting challenges, in which you can see that the Lab Rats or the human bionic characters are going to want to live like a normal family.

The entire series is going to take place in a town in California called Mission Creek, which is not real, but you will see that it can look like a normal city in the real world, but with superheroes and bionic humans going down the street. Now that you know a little bit about the new Lab Rats games that we are going to start posting here on our website, it's time to meet some of the characters with which you are going to play the dress up Lab Rats games, the coloring Lab Rats games, adventure Lab Rats games, puzzle Lab Rats games or fighting Lab Rats games.

Chase, Adam, Bree and Leo are going to form the Lab Rats! They will be them ain characters of the story, and the avatars you guys are going to play with inside the Lab Rats games here on our website, and you will see that each of the human and the bionic humans from the gang will have separate specifications, which will make them unique. The Lab Rats will have special costumes that will make them look different than any other human or other bionic humans in the city, and so they can feel like a real superhero team. The costumes are black, with red stripes and a logo on the chest.

In the latest seasons, this superhero costume had a few changes, as in the threads are changed. The costume is going to be harder and will give more protection to the one who wears it. The chest will be from a hard material so that it gives 100% protection to the torso, and it will still display the logo. The sleeves and pants will be from a softer material so that the bionic superheroes still have the ability to move and be comfortable at the same time while wearing the suit.

What can we try

One of the latest Lab Rats games that appeared on our website is the Lab Rats Arkanoid game, in which you will have to use the MOUSE and make sure that you are able to defeat the challenge. If you haven't played Arkanoid games before, you will see how easy it will be to have the highest score! All you have to do is to destroy the little blocks, and you will have to do that by hitting them with a ball. The ball will have to bounce off your own brick, which you can move left and right. All you have to do is to be fast enough and keep pace with the ball, which will move faster and faster with each brick that you hit.

Another popular game from the Lab Rats games is the Bionic Code challenge, a very special ability game, in which dear kids you will have the chance for the first time in your life maybe to try and write code! The code will help the bionic humans to improve on their skills and the entire way they function, so you can see how much fun you can have while you are learning code, and see how fun it will be after you finish and you will make the Lab Rats do whatever you like.

Mind over Matter or the Lab Rats Bionic Heroics are two different quiz games in which you will be able to have a lot of fun, and in which you will manage to see how much you know about this Disney XD series. Using the MOUSE, you can choose your answers for each question, and you will be rewarded based on the correct ones.

The Lab Rats Puzzle games are also very popular in this new category, and you will manage to see which are the unique pictures from the Disney show are going to appear inside the game! You will have to solve the puzzles as fast as possible, because each level is going to have a timer, and you will have to be sure that your puzzle picture is going to be finished before the time ends, and you will be rewarded with extra points for each second remaining on the clock. Have fun!

Who is the creator of the Lab Rats?

Donald Davenport.

Who is Donald Davenport?

Donald is Leo's dad, and the Lab Rats' creator.

Is Donald a scientist?

Yes, and a creator and inventor as well.

Who is Leo?

Leo is one of the main characters, and the only human in the Lab Rats.

What are the Lab Rats?

Lab Rats are a bunch of bionic humans that are trying to live ordinary lives.

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