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Larva is a new TV series made to appear on Netflix, and you can play awesome Larva games for children that you can play for free with all your friends for free. The Larva characters are going to be real Larva with different colors and abilities, so you have to help them to finish the games with as many points. Solve puzzles, memory challenges and color all the pictures which means that the Larva are going to become very popular on our website.

Today dear friends you can see that here on, we are preparing a very special and very interesting new online game for kids all around the world. We have brought the famous Larva series from Netflix right here on our website, where you can already find a lot of games categories, but we are not stopping from bringing new online challenges that you can play with your favorite characters. Starting from today, you can see that the Larva games category is going to be live, and you will manage to meet with a lot of new characters and new stories that we are sure that you will love. The Larva cartoon is a computer animated television made in South Korea for kids all around the world, and there are going to be two main characters that are named Yellow and Red. This is a very cute little games category, in which all the things are going to be very simple in order to not confuse the children. Today dear friends you can see that Yellow and Red are going to prepare awesome adventures, awesome action games, free cars games, 2019 puzzle games, online memory challenges and even dress up games for girls with the Larva characters. Even though the serios is just on Netflix, we are sure that you have heared all about the Larva and that you know that they are like little worms, but the Larva characters are not grows, but cute because they have a name based on the color of their skin, so you can see that each Larva has a color and that color will be it's name so that the kids can learn the colors while they watch the Larva series or play all the Larva games here on our website. The main characters of the Larva story are Yellow and Red, which you will meet in all of the Larva games here on Yellow is a very very hillarious Larva, because he always gets into trouble and takes his time with new information until he gets it fully and try to act smart afterwards. One of the things that makes him funny is because Red is always picking on him, but that doesn't affect his spirit, which you will see if you play all the Larva games with the two characters, and despite that, they remain friends and try to finish each adventure that they start together. Yellow is in love with food, and you can see that most of his adventures relies around food or how to get new types of food so you have to help him to eat all that he wants while inside the game. Red is very active and has a little of a bully inside him, which you will catch fast even from the first episode of the Larva story. You can see that Red is taking the lead in most adventures and get iritated by Yellow's love for food, so you have to help him keep is nerves under control in order to manage to finish all of the adventures and all of the Larva challenges here on our website. Make sure that you can help the Larva characters to gain a lot of points in each and every one of the games that they will bring for you, and you can see that here on, we are going to continue to bring for you many amazing and many other interesting games for kids from your favorite cartoons and favorite stories that you can see online or on TV. Search for the Larva games category here on our website, and you can see that it's going to be filled with cute little games for kids. Have fun!