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This new category is about the life of a teenage girl who lives in a beautiful house with four men her three brothers and her father.

Welcome our dearest friends once again to our website, where we prepared just for you guys a new category, and we hope that you will enjoy it. As we told you in this new category you will find more fun as always and we hope that you will enjoy spending your time with us. thought that this new online category must bring to you something more appropriate to adolescence and to surprise you with teen problems and give to you ideas how to solve them. This new category is about the life of a teenage girl who lives in a beautiful house with four men`s: her three brothers and her father. Surprisingly Tess it s not so concerned that she is the only girl in her family because she can rely on them, because every time when she needs a good piece of advice she goes firstly to her brothers. Your main job will be to help her in every decision she will have to take and that s how you will get solutions to your teen problems. Among her three brothers Tess has one best friend, her name is Allie, a very good cheerleader who doesn’t know how her best friend can live with so many guys under the same roof. Tess it s not such a girly girl she likes wrestling, and she is the only girl on her wrestling school team , which makes her a bit akward, but she s not concerned about what everyone thinks about her. Her biggest brother Gabe, has only one priority and that is to date more with not just only girl, which makes him a heartbreaker. Sam is Tess`s twin brother, considered as a nerd, he has a crush on his twin sister best friend Allie, who rejects him every time. Spencer is the youngest from the Foster family, who is pretty smart for his age. The last from the Foster family is David, the father of this lovely 4 brothers who teaches at the high schools gym. Your main priority dear players is to help this lovely family with their life struggles and to support the teenager Tess how to take care of her family, which pretty much sounds familiar to you and to everyone. So if we caught your attention and if you are ready to become part of this new adventure we are waiting to join us in this new online category on and take fun as always. Do not forget to like and share our website in order to help us rise and make us known to more kids all around the world, to all your friends and offer them the chance to enjoy their free time playing some of the most amazing online type of games ever. Enjoy your time , here on, the website for both boys and girls with new games at every hour of the day and night!

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