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What are Little Charmers Games?

The Little Charmers are a group of girls that are magical! The girls, Hazel, Lavender and Posie are learning how to use their magic the proper way, and that will of course bring a lot of funny moments in which things can explode.

Little Charmers games is our brand new category, and it’s already waiting for you boys and girls to play some of the cutest and the funniest games online that you can think of. The Little Charmers games are very girly, because it’s main target audition is girls between 3 and 10-years-old, but we assure you that boys can play the Little Charmers games as well as the girls, because there will be even adventures that the girl characters inside the challenges are going to need your help to finish.

For those of you that do not know what the Little Charmers actually is, we are going to have a short description about the entire show, how many seasons and even where you can watch the show, knowing already that the perfect place to play Little Charmers games online, is here on our website, where we are going to post for you guys this brand new category. The series Little Charmers was originally created in Canada, and it’s a CGI-animated TV series, which means that it’s going to be entirely created on a computer, and that there are real actors or people that use their voices through a computer so that the Little Charmers characters look as real as possible.

The very first episode of the Little Charmers appeared in 2015, and it was premiered on Nickelodeon! The series started to have more and more fans in America and in Canada, so there were more and more episodes created of the Little Charmers show on Nickelodeon until the series was extremely successful all over the world. Girls all around the world watched the show, and now it’s time for them to transition from in front of the screen in our Little Charmers games category, where we are going to bring for you girls plenty of little dress-up, makeup and hairstyle challenges for you to play for free even on your mobile phones and tablets.

Be a charmer

Being a girls category, you will see that most of the characters inside our new Little Charmers games are going to be also girls, so that you can make new friends through playing the challenges. You will see that there are more than five Little Charmers that you will constantly meet with through our Little Charmers games, and you will be able to play the games for free, because dear children each and every one of the free online games for girls on our website are free to play, and you will see that they are going to be available to be played on your computers, laptops, phones and tablets, all you have to do is have an internet connection and start to look for your favorite Little Charmers games.

Inside the Little Charmers games, you dear kids can see that there are going to be three main characters, three little girls that are going to always be present in the games, and inside the Nickelodeon show. Their name is Hazel, Lavender and Posie, and they are cute girls that are waiting to make a lot of new friends, and have a blast playing the best girly games online with you.

Hazel Charming is one of the main characters that appears in the Nickelodeon series even from the very first episode. She is going to be one of the youngest Charmers, as she is just training to be an Enchantress. Being just a trainee, you will see that Hazel is going to have plenty of mishaps while using her magic, as she doesn’t really have one hundred percent control over it. In the Little Charmers games, you will see that it happens so often that Hazel’s magic doesn’t have the expected result, and those exact moments are called Hazeled. You can easily spot Hazel inside the Little Charmers games, because she is always going to have pink hair, green eyes, will wear a hat with cat ears, will have purple socks and a cute little purple dress and a light lime or green t-shirt.

The second character is Lavender, another Charmer who loves to make potions, and that’s what she is going to always use her wand for, and try as hard as possible to be helpful in each and every one of the scenarios or the adventures that the girls encounter inside the Little Charmers games. Lavender is purple-haired, she is in love with fashion design, and you will see that she is always going to have purple hair, a beautiful blue dress with a hoodie, and blue socks with blue shoes, and if you have played at least one Little Charmers online game, you could have seen that even her wand is matching her outfit, so it’s going to be also blue.

We are going to present you girls the last Charmer, and her name is going to be Posie. She is going to have a special power, because her magic is going to work through music, and that’s why you will see throughout the free Little Charmers games from our website, that when she wants to do a spell, she is going to use her wand as a flute, and start singing on it. Posie has two siblings inside the Nickelodeon show, and their name are Pasley and Thistle, also who are going to appear quite a lot in our games!

Where can we watch Little Charmers?

Little Charmers episodes are on Nickelodeon.

How many seasons of Little Charmers are there?

There are two seasons of Little Charmers available.

Who is the main character of the story?

Hazel, Lavender and Posie are the main characters in Little Charmers.

Is there going to be a season 3?

No, Nickelodeon didn't announce yet a new season.

How does Hazel look like?

Hazel has pink hair, a purple dress, and a hat with kitty ears.

Are all Little Charmers magical?

Yes, each Charmer has different magical powers.

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