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The new category of games that we have to offer is with the characters from the serie Little Charmers.

Next for today our administrative team has prepared a new and special category of games. Because we want you to have always new and beautiful online games to play, we have decided to offer you these categories in which we make sure you have all the existing games with the characters to whom the categories are dedicated. We know how much you like to play games where you have your friends and favourite characters in the main role and that is why we offer you categories from where you can choose the one in which you will find games only with characters from your favourite show , serie of movie. Everytime we have the chance we make sure we offer as many categories as we can so you can play and have fun with us. The new category of games that we have to offer is with the characters from the serie Little Charmers. This is one of our newest categories and a new serie that appeared now , in 2015. We want you to play the games that are with the characters and have fun. Little Charmers is a serie involving the adventures of magical Charmer in Training Hazel, with her best friends Posie and Lavender. With their adorable pets, magic powers, and brooms ready for flight, the girls are a fantastical team of friends bringing the magic into everything they do and having fun along with your on their side each time. As a series aimed for younger children, Little Charmers teaches everyone the value of believing in their own Magic which is in fact confidence, abilities, talents, and self-esteem. When their heart and mind are set, even the hardest tasks become possible and the kids really need this type of beliefs. Hailey is a 7 year old Charmer in training and main character of Little Charmers. She is the daughter of the Echantress and Mr. Charming and a very kind person. A spunky, spirited little girl. Hazel has a big heart and is always going out of her way to help others; even if she rushes head-first into things or may bite off more than she can chew. Her friend Lavander is a wise girl who always appears perfect put-together at all times. Wether it involves her knowledge with potions, or just her fashion sense And her other friend Posie , is a daughter in a family of 30 siblings and so far the only named one is her older brother, Parsley. A natural nature lover, Posie sees beauty in everything. She is very instinctive and sweet, but can become easily distracted. In this new and beautiful online category of games we will make sure that you will have a lot of fun playing with your favourite characters, the Little Charmers!!!

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