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What are Liv and Maddie Games online?

Liv and Maddie from Disney Channel are back, and they are going to continue to bring fashion challenges, ability games, and cute little puzzles for boys and girls, that have to be solved.

New games are ready to appear here on our website day after day, and you will see that Liv and Maddie is the new Disney Channel story that is appearing here on our website. This is the new Liv and Maddie games category that we have just posted, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing with the two main characters. This is a real show, with real people which is live on Disney Channel, and it's going to be also known as Liv and Maddie: Cali Style since season 4. This is an American comedy television series that appeared for the first time in 2013 and it stopped airing in March 2017.

The entire story from Disney Channel is going to rely on the life of two twin sisters! Liv and Maddie are sisters, even twins, but they are very different in any aspect that you can think of. You will see in each and every one of the Liv and Maddie episodes on Disney Channel that they are different, but you can also do that by playing the Liv and Maddie games online which we are going to start posting starting today, right here in this new games category. In the beginning, inside this new category, you will find over fifteen games from different types and categories which you can try for free! You will see that the Disney Channel challenges and games that we are going to prepare for you with Liv and Maddie will be available even on your mobile phones or tablet devices, not only on your laptops or computers.

You, dear kids, will have a great time playing these new challenges because Liv and Maddie will try to bring the most exciting games for you to play. Since the beginning of the show, the two Disney sisters have prepared for you, guys, a lot of puzzles that you can solve only here on our website. The puzzle pieces that you will see inside the Liv and Maddie games will be unique. All the other games with these new Disney characters from our website are going to be very interactive, and you will see that you can earn a lot of points by helping the characters finish new quizzes, create scrapbooks, and even get ready for awesome fashion shows with other Disney Channel or Disney Junior characters.

The life of Liv and Maddie is going to be very different, and you, dear kids, will see that with each episode you watch or each Liv and Maddie game online that you play. You will see that Liv is a type of girl, and Maddie is a completely different one because Liv is in love with music, she even graduated from musical school, she is in her fourth year in Hollywood, while her sister is a tomboy character who loves different things, like sports, basketball in particular but she loves her sister, and she is very happy that she returned home after being away for so long for school.

Fun with Liv and Maddie games online

One of the main characters is Liv. She is one of the two sisters who make the entire show, and her full name is Liv Rooney. Liv is a cute girl who loves movies, acting, and singing, so she pursued her passion and went to Hollywood, where she even filmed a popular television show called Sing it Loud! Liv lived for 4 years in Hollywood, but she was missed at home, where she has a twin sister, called Maddie. They are both very clever and full with energy, and now that Sing it Loud! is finished, you will see that Liv is going back home until her next project starts, and Maddie is thrilled to be with her sister again. Liv is the typical teenage girl, she has blonde long hair, cute clothes and mostly wears skirts or dresses, but you will see that she and her identical twin sister could not be more different.

Maddie is the second main character of the story & Liv and Maddie games, and she is going to be very different from her sister. She is a tomboy girl and she is going to love to play basketball or any kind of sport for that matter. Liv and Maddie are not the only kids in the family because they have two younger brothers. Joey is a typical awkward teenage boy, who is only one year younger than Liv and Maddie. The second little brother's name is Parker, and he is the youngest brother of the family: he is going to be very active, and has a lot of plans in his head, waiting for the perfect moment to say a joke or put one of these plans into action, so that they will have full effect.

These four children live under the same roof with their parents: their mom Karen, who is a high school teacher, and during the show, she is going to make it up until becoming vice principal of the high school. Pete is their father in Liv and Maddie games online & episodes of the series, and he is going to be the school's basketball team coach. Liv is going to have a hard time adjusting to her new life and making sure that she is going to fit in again in this normal life after all of the success she had in Hollywood. You will see that most of the episodes of this new Disney Channel show are going to take place at school or at Liv and Maddie's home and that even makes the series a reality show! There are a lot of things that are going to happen through the 4 seasons of the Liv and Maddie show, and we are sure that you, guys, will love each and every one of the episodes of this new series, and that you can play the Liv and Maddie games already knowing which could be the outcome, or answer our questions knowing perfectly the responses.

Play the Liv and Maddie games online!

As we said, Liv and Maddie are going to be very different, and even though they are identical twins, they have completely distinct personalities. You, dear kids, will see that the two twin sisters are going to need your help to defeat the challenges that they have prepared for you inside the Liv and Maddie games category that we have just posted. Because it's a brand new series from Disney Channel, the category is not filled with a lot of games, but we already have prepared for you a list of 18 games that you can play for free, and which you can even try on your mobile phones, computers, laptops or tablets!

You will see which are the most popular Liv and Maddie games, and you will see that they will appear in plenty of exciting Disney games with other popular characters. There are going to be a lot of exciting challenges with these two characters such as Liv and Maddie Puzzle - in which you, dear kids, will see how much fun you can have matching the puzzle pieces until your Liv and Maddie pictures are going to be completed, clear and ready to create new posters with the Disney Channel characters. You have to finish the puzzle pieces matching them as quickly as possible, so you will be rewarded with extra points for your hard work. The Are You Liv or Maddie? game is also very popular, and you, dear children, can see that this is going to be a new quiz challenge game, in which you will have to be very careful and concentrated because each level is going to have a new set of questions that you have to read very carefully and answer correctly in order for you to get to the next level, unlock a new question, and be rewarded with points so that you can have the highest score of the challenge and become one of the best players of the Liv and Maddie quiz challenge.

You will see that there are going to be two or three fashion games, in which you will have to help Liv and Maddie dress up and have a complete makeover for three different fashion shows. You will see that we have prepared for you plenty of dresses from which you can choose a perfect one for both Liv and Maddie. The makeup, the hairstyle, the nails, and even the accessories are going to be very important, so you have to make sure that you can match them all so that Liv and Maddie are two of the most beautiful and modern girls that walked on the catwalk of a fashion show here on our website. Have fun!

Where can we watch Liv and Maddie?

This show is from Disney Channel.

Are Liv and Maddie friends?

Yes, more than that, they are twin sisters!

How old are Liv and Maddie?

They are 16 years old.

Do Liv and Maddie have other brothers or sisters?

Yes, they have two younger brothers, Joey and Parker.

Which character is more popular in the show?

Liv, because she was a star in Hollywood.

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