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We have 19 games with LOL Surprise.

The cute LOL Surprise dolls are waiting for you girls to play all the makeover challenges and dress up challenges inside the LOL Surprise Coachella, LOL Surprise Millennials or the LOL Surprise VSCO girls games.

What are LOL Surprise Games?

Every day of the week here on our website, we are trying to surprise you with the best games for girls and boys, and for that we need special games categories, in which we can stack the games that you love the most. Today dear kids, we are bringing a new category, in which all the girls can have a great time playing dress up, makeover and even hair cutting challenges with cute little chibi dolls.

Today dear kids, we are waiting for you with the LOL Surprise games category, which is an exclusive girly category, which will be filled with cute and little games for girls that you will manage to play even on your phones and tablets. These 2020 LOL Surprise games will be ready for you to play once we publish the category, so stay tunned for future fashion challenges.

Play with your LOL Surprise dolls

There are plenty of dolls all over the internet, but here on our website, you dear kids will be able to play a new online series of games with LOL Surprise dolls, that are starting to become very popular in 2020. Today dear kids, you will see that we have prepared for you the entire LOL Surprise games category, which we are going to fill with cute games for girls, in which the little chibi dolls are going to be the main characters, and they will have prepared for you cute fashion challenges.

The LOL Surprise dolls are different than any little dolls for girls that you seen before, because dear girls they are little dolls not bigger than your hands, for the cute effect, and you will see how cute they will look trying on different types of clothes and outfits. In this new game for girls, you will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to finish all the fashion challenges, and help the LOL Surprise dolls to change their outfits.

Each and every one of the LOL Surprise games from our website will have a theme, and the most exciting challenges on our website will be the LOL Surprise Coachella and the LOL Surprise Millennials games that we have already published and which you can play using the mouse. Inside this new game for girls, you will see that the little chibi dolls will want to go to Coachella 2020, where they need special outfits that will make them stand out the crowds that will be on in the dessert.

All the LOL Surprise will be played using the mouse, so you can see that the rules are going to be pretty easy, bcause most of them will be dress up games with chibi dolls and you will even be able to find a special coloring challenge, which is one of the first LOL Surprise girl games on our website.

Colorfull LOL Surprise dolls

Because the LOL Surprise are for little girls that are between 3 and 10 years old, they will always be dressed by default in colorful outfits that based on the theme of the challenge, you will have to change or upgrade so that the LOL Surprise dolls will be ready to win the challenge and see how much fun you will have finding new clothes, new accessories, new make up and new hairstyles for each and every one of the LOL Surprise dolls.

The girls on our website love the pink LOL Surprise dolls, and they will be the main characters in each challenge. You dear kids can see that in this new games for girls, there will be special LOL Surprise dolls that will look different, have different styles, have different traits and like different things that you will know once you start playing all the LOL Surprise dolls games here on our website.

You will see that the LOL Surprise dolls will look like real girls, so you can find red headed LOL Surprise dolls, brunette LOL Surprise girls, blonde LOL Surprise dolls or brown haired LOL Surprise dolls, and you will see that different dolls love different fashion styles, and so there's going to be a lot of dolls that might look the same, but have totally oposite styles of outfits.

Because it's a fashion category, you will see that in each challenge, the LOL Surprise girls will want to change their outfit with a new one that will make them look even more beautiful than before. so you can see that the dresses will be different for each game, the new hairstyles will be upgraded, and the accessories will be specially placed so that they will match with the new outfit posibilities that you can create in each fashion game.

All the baby girls that come to our website will make really good friends with the LOL Surprise dolls, and they will be able to see that we already have seven different games that you can play on your phones or tablets, so click the games and see which one is your favorite.

The games that we already have are the Lol Surprise Coloring Diva, Lol Surprise Winter Disco, Lol Surprise Dolls Dress Up, Lol Surprise VSCO Girls, Lol Surprise Millennials and the Lol Surprise Coachella which are cute and filled with pink, just like the dolls love and the baby girls are most likely used to, and you will see that the games are easy to play, you will just need your mouse, or if you are playing on your phones or tablets, you have to tap the screen with your little fingers.

All of the Lol Surprise Coachella dolls will be waiting for you girls to enter our website and start plaing all the little challenges, and between all the makeover and dress up game for girls, you will see that they will have other challenges like decoration games, coloring games and even learning games for children, in which you will have the same fun and maybe even learn different things in the process.


What is Lol Surprise?

Lol Surprise is a series of chibi dolls.

How do the Lol Surprise dolls look?

All the Lol Surprise dolls are chibi dolls which are little and cute.

Which are the favorite Lol Surprise color?

Most of the Lol Surprise dolls will be dressed in pink and yellow clothes.

How many dolls are in the Lol Surprise games?

Most of the Lol Surprise games have three Lol Surprise dolls.

Which are the main games inside the Lol Surprise category?

Almost all of the Lol Surprise games are dress up games.

How are the Lol Surprise games played?

You will use the MOUSE to play the Lol Surprise games.

The games from LOL Surprise category was voted by 19 times and have 5.00 stars.

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