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The new category that we have decided to offer to you is with the characters from the animated series Max and Ruby.

We have for you another new and beautiful games category in which you will have great fun playing our newest games. As always we are trying to offer you the best online games in which you can have fun playing with some of the most loves characters. As always the administrative team is searching for the best categories to offer them first and we always make sure that you have new games with your favourite characters every day. The new category that we have decided to offer to you is with the characters from the animated series Max and Ruby. wants you to enjoy each moment with us and that is why we want you to have as many new categories as there can be. This time the new category that we have for you is with two of your favorite characters from nickelodeon and we want to offer you in it, all the existing games. As you already may know we want you to play all these games and have a lot of fun with us but first of all we will offer you a little information about the characters of the serie and their story. The main character of the serie are Mac and Ruby as the title tells us, and we are about to talk a little about each one of them. Created by children's book author & illustrator Rosemary Wells and based on the world of her Max and Ruby books, the episodes present stories about Max, a rambunctious and determined three year old bunny, and his big sister, Ruby, a patient, goal-oriented, sometimes restrictive seven-year-old bunny. The show presents an uplifting message for its audience by showing Max and Ruby playing together and exercising respect and love in resolving their conflicts. Max’s typical role in every episode of the TV series is to come up with an idea or desire against Ruby's will. Ruby will try to talk him out of it, but Max would keep asking for what he wants, but Ruby would continue her will, making Max lose hope in getting what he desires and then find a way to outsmart Ruby and her friends. Ruby’s tole in the serie is to try to talk Max out of an idea or desire he has and she would continue her will when Max asks for what he wants, ending with Max completely losing hope in getting his desire, however he would always find a way to outsmart Ruby and her friends. Her appearance is virtually exactly the same as Max, except that she's taller and wears a yellow dress with flower patterns in seasons one and two, then switches to a pink dress in seasons three and four. She behaves in an over-protective and maternal manner to Max, for example persuading him to do something against his will. We are sure that you will have great time playing this new games that we have for you in this new category, so join us and enjoy all of them!

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