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Moana is a Disney princess full of energy and courage. She will be ready to go on amazing adventures with her new friend Maui, her rooster pet HeiHei and her pet pig Pua.

We know how much fun you can have playing with your favorite characters, so today the new Moana games category is appearing here on our website, in which you can meet with one of the latest stories and characters from the Disney Channel. There are plenty of girls on our website who are always looking for new games, new challenges, and even new characters that they can play with, and a new Disney princess is the perfect way through which you can make new friends. We are sure that you have already seen some sneak peeks with the Moana princess, but we are here to answer most of your questions, and we are sure that you will love the new character from Disney and that you will be able to have a great time playing each and every one of the little girly challenges together.

What will you find out about Moana? Everything! You will see where she lives, who thought about the story, who wrote it, where it aired, and which are the main characters with which you can meet in each and every one of the Moana games for girls that we are going to start posting right here on our website. You, dear kids, will learn that Moana is known inside the Disney movie made by Pixar as Vaiana or Oceania, depending on the part of the world the movie was aired. This is a movie created by Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2016. This was the 56th film made by Disney, and it was created and written by Jared Bush for all the girls in the world. Being an animated series, you will see that the characters will have a voiceover made by famous movie stars. Moana will be played by Auli'i Cravalho, and with her, there's going to be a character interpreted by Dwayne Johnson. You will see how much fun you can have through this category of Moana games online because many other celebrities will also appear, for example, Rachel House, Temuera Morrison, and even Nicole Scherzinger!

Now that you know a little bit of the history of the Disney movie, you will learn that inside the category that we just posted, Moana games, there will be plenty of girly challenges that you can play for free. Because it's a new category, you will see that the games will be beautiful, have nice art, and great technology which will allow you guys to play each game even on your mobile phones or tablets for free. All you will need is a laptop, a computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet and access to the internet to reach our website, go inside the Moana games online category and click play on each game that you like the most, and see if you can defeat the challenge which will lie in front of you. Try them all and even write a comment about your experience and see how much fun you can have playing with all of your good friends!

Follow Moana and Maui

The entire action of this Disney movie is going to take place on an exotic island near Maui. The island's name is Motunui, where the locals worship a goddess called Te Fiti, the goddess of nature. Folklore stories say that she was the one who created the ocean using a pounamu stone which is her heart and the source of her powers. There's a character called Maui inside the story and Moana games, and he is a trickster, and you will learn at the beginning of the movie that he stole the heart of humanity, the power of creation, and that will make the goddess Te Fiti die.

After a long period of time, while the people of Motunui didn't have a goddess or a powerful entity that they trusted to keep them safe, the ocean chooses Moana, daughter of Motunui's chief Tui to return the heart along with its powers to Te Fiti. Her parents want Moana to become the next chief of the island, so they try to keep her away from the ocean as much as possible. One day, on an ordinary day on the island, a blight strikes the island which causes a lot of problems like killing the vegetation or making the ocean give less and less fish to the people on the island, which will make people hungry. Moana steps up for the island people and offers to go under the island with her best friend, a pet pig called Pua, where she thinks that the fish are hiding after the blight stroke. Of course, her parents forbid this from happening, but Moana is very stubborn, and she tries to dive under the island but gets beaten by the tides. After the failure, Moana is told by her grandmother about a different history of the island than she knew already, and learns that she has to be the one that finds Maui and that she has to try and make him restore the heart to Te Fiti, and make sure that she can heal the island. This is also one of the challenges in Moana games!

Tala is Moana's grandmother, and she was the keeper of the heart until now when she hands it to her granddaughter. Moana goes off the island and tries to find Maui as quick as possible in order to defeat her fears of sailing alone and even returning to a dead island. Moana will not go alone on this journey though, she will be accompanied by her pet rooster named Heihei. A typhoon catches their boat in the middle of the storm, and makes their boat wreck on another island, where Moana meets with Maui! Moana cannot convince Maui to return the heart to Te Fiti and restore the health of her island, and Maui even traps the Disney princess in a cage, steals her boat and leaves her behind on the deserted island, but Moana manages to escape the cage and find Maui once more - can you do this too in Moana games online?

Of course, Maui is mischievous and eludes Moana once again. He leaves her stranded on her boat, while he escapes again. New characters appear along the story, and you will see that when Moana is with Maui, they are both attacked by coconut pirates called Kakamora, who know that the Disney princess is trying to return the heart to Te Fiti, but they want the heart for themselves. Moana thought that Maui is a hero, but changed her mind quickly after she saw his actions, and after she learned that he stole the heart and brought the curse over the island and over her friends and neighbors from her father's kingdom.

Maui and Moana

Of course, what you learned by now about this new Disney story is that princess Moana and Maui are going to be two of the main characters of the movie, as well as Moana games. Moana is a teenage girl that is about to take over the island kingdom or become a chief after her father dies. Moana is very beautiful, with Samoan traits that are very obvious from her busty build, brown and curly hair, and even her nose! You will see that Moana will also have a cute outfit specific to the Samoan islands. She will wear a cute red top and a skirt made out of palm tree leaves. There's going to be a special accessory that Moana is going to always wear which will make her stand out in a crowd beside the palm tree leaves skirt. She will have a flower necklace just like Maui, which is specific to Hawaii locals.

You, dear girls playing Moana games online, will see that the Disney princess from this new story is going to love to play dress-up, so there will be plenty of games for girls that you can play for free, in which Moana and Maui will be ready with different fashion challenges. Moana will also want to be a fashion model in some of the girly challenges, so you have to make sure that you can defeat them and get Moana ready for a new fashion show. These types of games will have specific themes for designers, so you have to always adapt and create beautiful outfits for the characters inside the game so that they wear the cutest clothes, the cutest accessories, new hairstyles, and even new shoes to match 100%.

The fashion trends will be set by princess Moana and her other Disney princess friends in each and every one of the BFF trend games and all the makeover challenges, which you can try for free right here on our website. The Moana games category will also bring you, girls, a lot of cute spa challenges, in which the Disney princesses will get together to have a great time and relax. Moana will not stand back from a cooking challenge, so you will see that she will want to learn how to cook burgers, pizza, tortillas, or soups! Everything is set for you to have a great time here on our website, playing Moana games, and you will see that these are not the only challenges in which you can meet with the Disney princess!

Start browsing through the Moana games category, and we are sure that you will find at least one type of game that you love, and in which she or Maui is the main character. Besides all the girly challenges, the dress-up, the makeover, the makeup, the hairstyle, or the spa games, you will see that Moana will want to learn a lot of interesting things, so there will be quiz challenges that you can play for free, in which you will answer questions about the entire story of the Disney movie. Moana will want to teach you guys math, how to read, how to spell, or how to pronounce different words correctly. The puzzles, the memory games, or the coloring books will not be missed from this category as well, so find them, play them all and see which one is your favorite and which are your favorite characters. Have fun!

Who is Moana?

Moana is a Samoan Disney princess who lives on Motunui island.

Who is Maui?

Maui is a former hero that stole a heart from a god and cursed Moana's island.

Are Maui and Moana friends?

Yes, at the end of the story and Moana games online, they become friends.

Who plays Maui in the Moana movie?

The voice of Maui is done by Dwayne Johnson.

Is Moana a princess?

Yes, she is considered one of the Disney princesses.

Does Moana save her island?

Yes, Moana manages to return the heart to the god Te Fiti.