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Monsters, werewolves, zombies and human characters are waiting for you in the new Monster Beach series of adventures. Fight the monsters that are trying to take over the world, and see if we can live together even on a beach house.

Step into the world of Monster Beach

Welcome boys and girls to this new category of Monster Beach games! In this amazing category you will be able to find all kinds of games with the Monster Beach series. If you have seen this series, then you must know a few things about the series and the characters or the series, but if you are new on here, then come and find out more about it. "Monster Beach" is a super cool Australian TV series that's all about fun and adventure! Imagine a show created by awesome folks like Bruce Kane, Maurice Argiro, and Patrick Crawley. The excitement began with a fantastic 70-minute TV special on Cartoon Network back on October 31, 2014. And guess what? It was so fantastic that it got even more exciting, they decided to turn it into a full series, and it officially hit the screens in 2020! Hold on, it gets even more interesting! The magic behind "Monster Beach" comes from the brilliant minds at Bogan Entertainment Solutions (later known as Studio Moshi) and Fragrant Gumtree Entertainment, working hand in hand with Cartoon Network Asia Pacific. These creative geniuses brought to life the second locally animated production commissioned by Cartoon Network, following the awesome "Exchange Student Zero."

If you're wondering how you can catch all the monster mayhem, worry not! "Monster Beach" made its way to DVD on June 1, 2016, thanks to the cool folks at Madman Entertainment. And there's more good news! Cartoon Network was so impressed with the monster vibes that they greenlit a series in 2017. This series is packed with 52 episodes, each lasting a thrilling 11 minutes. Even though a pilot episode based on the TV special was announced, it sadly never made its way to our screens. But hey, we've got 52 episodes to keep us entertained! The monster madness officially kicked off on Cartoon Network Australia on April 11, 2020. The show even bagged the title of Best Animated TV Programme at the 2020 Content Asia Awards – now, that's a big win for the monsters! Here's a fun fact: the incredible animation for "Monster Beach" is done by Studio Moshi in Australia and Inspidea in Malaysia. So, if you're looking for a wild and wacky adventure filled with monsters and laughter, "Monster Beach" is the place to be! Get ready to join the fun!

Your Monster friends

This Monster Beach series contains a lot of cool characters, all with different personalities that you will adore for sure! Now let’s see who are the characters of this series and who you will meet in the games. Meet the main characters, Dean and Jan, the adventurous siblings who discover the extraordinary Monster Beach. Dean is the older brother, a laid-back and fun-loving guy, while Jan is the younger sister, always ready for a new adventure. Together, they make an unbeatable duo! Mavis is a gentle giant who's friendly and sweet. Manzini, on the other hand, is the resident magician. These two pals bring a touch of magic and kindness to Monster Beach, making it an even more enchanting place. Dolores is a monster with a passion for cooking. She's the go-to chef on Monster Beach, whipping up delicious treats for everyone. From monster-sized burgers to spooky soufflés, Dolores knows how to make mealtime monstrous fun!

Barnaby is a brainy and wise monster, while Harrison is his partner in crime. They're the brains behind many of Monster Beach's ingenious plans. With these two around, you know there's always a clever scheme or two up their sleeves. Dr. Runkle is the local scientist. With his quirky experiments and inventions, he adds an element of madcap science to Monster Beach. You never know what wacky invention he'll come up with next! Vom is a monster with an insatiable appetite, always ready for a snack. Vampy is a cute little vampire bat who loves to hang out with Vom. Together, they add a dose of humor and charm to Monster Beach. Princess Neropatti is the ruler of Monster Beach. She brings royal flair to the monster community and ensures everything runs smoothly. With her leadership, Monster Beach becomes a place of harmony and fun.

These characters, each with their unique traits, make "Monster Beach" a delightful series filled with laughter, adventure, and heartwarming moments. Whether they're concocting crazy plans or enjoying a monster-sized feast, these monsters know how to make every moment memorable! Get ready to join the Monster Beach family for a monstrously good time!

Gaming with your monster friends

You will be able to find all kinds of awesome games in this Monster Beach games category. A very cool game is the Monster Beach Surfs Up called game which you may have played already. This is just one of the awesome games that you will find here. It is an amazing summer game full of adventure, so perfect for a great playtime. In this game you have the exciting opportunity to surf with the pair of siblings from the animated series. The game is designed for simplicity, and you can control the surfers using the mouse or tapping on the screen. Your goal is to navigate the waves successfully by making jumps, allowing your surfers to alternate between low and high waves without stopping or crashing.

As you ride the waves, be cautious not to fall into pits or collide with rocks at the bottom, as this will result in losing the game. In addition to covering a considerable distance, you can increase your score by collecting Tiki statues along the way. It's a thrilling surfing adventure that combines skill and strategy to achieve the highest score possible. Enjoy the Monster Beach surfing experience and aim for a fantastic performance!

What genre is Monster Beach?

Monster Beach falls under multiple genres, including Adventure, Animated, Comedy, and Fantasy.

Who are the main characters?

The main characters are the surf-siblings, Jan and Dean.

When did Monster Beach premiere?

Monster Beach premiered on October 28, 2021.

What kinds of activities can I expect in Monster Beach Games?

Monster Beach Games may include surfing, adventures, puzzles, and other activities.

What are Monster Beach Games?

Monster Beach Games are a series of online games inspired by the Monster Beach animated series on Cartoon Network. The games feature characters from the show in various exciting adventures.