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What are Monster University Games?

This new category that w ehave decided to offer to you next is a very beautiful online category in which the main characters are your friend from the well known animated movie, Monster University.

Some of the most exciting stories are right here! Today, we are bringing for you kids the new Monster University category, in which you have to make sure that you will have a great time playing brand new Monsters, Inc games for children all ages that you can see only in this new category! This is a Disney story that became very popular since the first episodes of the Monster University show started, and now our category of Monster University games is full of exciting challenges for kids that you can play for free with all of your friends even on phones and tablets.

This is a brand new story and a brand new set of Disney games for children, and it all started in 2001 as an American computer-animated movie. The first Monsters, Inc games and movie were made from Pixar and Disney studios. Inside this new story, you will see that the entire story is going to rely on the life of two monsters! This is going to be very exciting, because dear kids you will see that the entire cast of characters for the Monster University games are going to be all kinds of monsters that are going to be different shapes, different colors and will all have special needs.

The entire movie around the Monster Inc movie from Disney is going to be that the world is changed completely. The people of the world are going to be swapped with the monsters from the show, and they are going to live in a parallel universe from the human world. The monsters are going to live as regular human beings. The city in which the monster live in is called Monstropolis, and their main mission is going to keep on scaring kids all around the world so that their world continues to exist, and that’s the entire show! You will see that based on this large idea, you will see that the Monster University games or the Monster Inc games are going to keep the same results, and you will have a great time playing with these characters in plenty of exciting challenges.

Not one type of monster

Monsters, gouls, mummies and zombies are all going to be present inside each and every one of our new Monster University games or Monsters Inc games that you can try out for free on your mobile phones and tablets. You dear kids can see that inside this new Disney and Pixar story, there are going to be plenty of exciting new challenges, and new characters that you can play with. The entire story of the Monster University games is going to take place in a big city, which is more of a different dimension! Monstropolis is the place the monsters call home, and it’s the only place in the world that lives and exists because of screams. Monstropolis gets it’s energy through the scares and screams of children all around the globe, and that’s why monsters still exists.

There’s a big company, in which all monsters want to get into! It’s called Monsters, and it’s an Incorporated factory, where different types of monsters are trained if gifted enough to be employed work. Nights and days, they are going to work inside the “scream factory”, and they are going to appear in humans’ sleep in order to scare them while they sleep through dreams or when they are awake for a few moments. When humans are scared, the monsters gather their fear, and that type of energy is going to help Monstropolis to continue running. The monsters get from Monstropolis and the scream factory to the human world through special doors, that when open, teleport the monsters directly into the kids’ bedrooms or closets.

The beginning of small issues through the Monsters Inc games will appear when the CEO of the company noticed that the energy production is smaller and smaller! You will see through our free online Monster University games that the challenges the monsters go through are simple, because kids are not as easily scared anymore, and the monsters figured out that humans can easily hurt monsters through physical contact, so they need to keep a distance, which will make scaring humans even more difficult, which you will see through each and every one of the Monster University games from our website.

Monstropolis is about to be destroyed, because there’s been a breach inside the factory! A baby girl managed to get from the human world through an open door left by Randall Boggs, one of the monsters in the factory. One of the main characters of the series, Sulley tries to get the girl back into her bedroom before everyone in the house wakes up, but he doesn’t manage to do so, and the girl gets lost in Monstropolis. Sulley has a best friend in the show, and his name is Mike Wazowski, which will become the main characters of the Disney show very easily and fast. Sulley and Mike are the ones who try to get the girl back to her home, and try to rescue Monstropolis and the factory.

For you to know if Monstropolis is saved, and that monster can start to scare kids again, all you have to do is start looking inside the Monster University games or watch the Disney movies, and start to learn more and more about the characters and their adventure in the scream factory.

Monster play

We know how much you love to have fun, so starting from today, you will see that inside the Monster University games category, you can find plenty of exciting and interesting Monsters Inc games or free online monster games for children that you can try out for free even on your mobile phones and tablets. You dear kids will see how much fun you can have playing the little challenges using the MOUSE as the main control if you are playing on your computers or laptops, and if you are playing on your mobile phones or tablets, you just have to tap the screen to make different actions.

The most popular Monsters Inc or Monster University online games that you can find here on our website are going to be puzzles! There are going to be plenty of new Monster University puzzle games for kids that you can play for free, and you will see that in the shortest time, you will have to make sure that by the end of the challenges, you can have the highest score of the game. Inside the online puzzle games with the Monster University characters, you dear kids will see brand new images and pictures from the Disney movie in each game, and each level can be different. You can see that the games will have multiple difficulty levels, and you have to be sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to have the highest score of the game.

Besides puzzle games, you dear children can see that inside the new Monster University games series, there are going to be plenty of coloring challenges, in which you have to be sure that using the MOUSE or taping on the screen of your phones, you will pick the right colors, and create unique Monster University coloring pictures. You have to be sure that your pictures are unique, and that means that you are one step closer into becoming the first monster artists in the world. Have fun!

Where can we watch Monster University?

The Movie can be watched online or on Disney Channel.

Is Monster University on Netflix?


Who is the main character of the story?

The story has to main characters, Sulley and Mike Wazowski.

Are all the characters monsters?

No, there are also humans in the story.

How does Mike Wazowski look like?

He is a green one eyed monster.

How does Sulley look like?

He is a big monster, with purple furr and blue dots, fangs and horns.

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