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Mr Magoo, the old rich filantropist is preparing special adventures in which you and McBarker, Waldo or Charlie can drive cars, be stars in plays, solve the Mr Magoo puzzles, earn points in the funny adventures and ability games like Mr Magoo Memory or Mr Magoo Differences.

What are Mr Magoo Games?

You will see that even old people characters have a great time playing funny online games, and today you will see that Mr Magoo is one of our oldest character that today start his own category, and he is going to fill it with funny and exciting challenges that you will manage to play with all of your friends. Mr Magoo is an old man that lives with his dog, and he is preparing special adventures that you can play together here on our website on all of your devices, including phones and tablets, for the HTML5 games that we are going to post very soon.

The old Mr Magoo

Our latest story is going to be your favorite, we are sure of it, because dear kids you will see that there are going to be a lot of new human characters and even animal characters that you will be able to play with during each challenge. You can see that the Mr Magoo story is a very funny fictional cartoon, and he was drawn to look like an old rinckly man.

You dear kids will get to know Mr Magoo better and better once you start searching for the Mr Magoo games right here Inside this new story, you can see that the main character is an short of high man, wealhty and retired man who is very funny, because like many other elderly citizens, he gets into a lot of troubles with new technology and even with old technology being a little clumsy, and needing help more and more while performing different things.

One of the problems why Mr Magoo needs help finishing several challenges is because dear kids Mr Magoo is having seeing problems. Because he is old, Mr Magoo has started noticing that his vision is turning bad, but he doesn't accept help from the doctors, and he prepfers to stay almost blind than accepting that he got older and that he needs to wear glasses all the time, since he gets up until he goes to sleep, and you will see that most of the time when Mr Magoo does clumsy things, is because he doesn't see everything in his face.

Because it's a funny cartoon, you can be at eas, because Mr Magoo manages to not get hurt in most of the situations, and he somehow makes it to the end of the tunnel and manage to get by himself. Because he trips over things and even talks to himself to stay focused, people think that he is starting to loose his mind, and you are today here on our website to say if that's true or not, so look up our Mr Magoo games for kids.

Funny Mr Magoo

As we said earlier, Mr Magoo is a pretty rich man that even though is retired, you can see that he is still very active, wanting to get a job for a hobby, making sure that he still maintains a level of adventure and excitement in his life. You will go with Mr Magoo in several adventures when he leaves the door of the house open, and his dog gets out, and you will have to start looking for him before he gest lost forever.

One other interesting story with Mr Magoo are the days in which the rich man wanted to become an actor, so he started going to the theater and see how many plays he started in, because he started to be a very good actor, even though he is very short, old, with furr clothes and a funny little walk, because Mr Magoo is not very fast, having short legs. He nailed it on the stage, and he will want you to be on his side once you start to find all the teather Mr Magoo days in his games and even in his episodes that you can watch online.

You might see the name of Mr Quincy Magoo, and for you to know, it's one and the same person, and you dear kids will see that he is the main character of his own story, and he is going to be present in each and every one of the games that we publish. Mr Magoo is having a big happy family that you will meet with once you start playing these new games.

One of Mr Magoo's favorite things to do is finish puzzles, crossword puzzles, playing chess or backgammon with his friends, and play with his fluffy dog, but he is not fluffy due to his furr. Mr Magoo's dog is pretty chubby, and you will even see that he has the same eye problems as Mr Magoo, because his fat skin goes over his eyes, and you can see him walking through Mr Magoo's house and stumbling over different objects on the floor, or even straight going into walls, which is funny to watch, but you have to keep an close eye on him in order to keep him safe and healthy, because hitting on everything in the house, he can get seriously hurt.

All of the Magoo family

Mr Magoo has lived for a long time now, and you can see that he was not alone during all of the movies and cartoons that were made about his life, and he was always surrounded by his friends, family and pets.

Inside the Mr Magoo games category, we are sure that you already seen and read that Quincy Mgcoo is the main character. Waldo is a little boy that lives in Mr Magoo's house, and he is one of Quincy's nephews. McBarker is a talking bulldog that Mr Magoo loves very much, because McBarker is the little version of himself, and you can see that he even has the same eye condition, but it has different origins, and you will see that once you start playing all the Mr Magoo games with McBarker in them.

Mother Magoo, or Linda by her real name, is Mr Magoo's mother, believe it or not, she is even older than Quincy, and she is still alive and pretty active. She loves cooking, washing dishes, cleaning the house and even knitting for Waldo different types of clothes like sweaters, socks, mints, or gloves. Charlie is also living at the mansion, and you will see that he is the houseboy. Charlie is Asian, so English is not his first language, and you can see that he will make a lot of mistakes while speaking, and you can become his friends and start helping him leanr English better through the Magoo educational challenges.

Grandma Magoo, Presley, Bowzir, Wheeler and Dealer, Tycoon Magoo or Worchestershire are other side characters that you might see in one of the Mr Magoo games category, so you have to scroll through all the challenges and see how many new friends you will be able to make during this new games with challenges and adventures.

Find the Magoo motivation

Even though Mr Magoo is older than the average character here on our website, you can see that he still is full of energy and he wants to have a great time every day of the week, and starting from today, you will manage to play amazing games from your favorite categories and topics.

There are lot of types of new games waiting for you here on our website, and you dear kids can see that they can be easily find, because we want to try and make them with short titles for you to find faster. Search for Mr Magoo puzzle, Mr Magoo memory, Mr Magoo differences, Mr Magoo dress up or Mr Magoo boys games, and you will see that a short list of games are going to appear here on our website, but once you try them all, you will see that the Mr Magoo games category will hold different secrets for you to find out every day of the week.

Mr Magoo is ready to surprise you guys with exciting adventure games, in which you and McBarker, Waldo and even Charlie will manage to go riding horses, finding hidden objects, driving 3D cars and making sure that you will keep the mansion clean in all of the cleaning and decoration games that you will find right here on our website.

We are sure that you will have a great time playing with Mr Magoo, and all of his latest games are going to appear on our website, you will just have to find them all!

Who is Mr Magoo ?

Mr Magoo is an old rich man that had movies and cartoon series made of his life.

Who is Mr Magoo's best friend?

Mr Magoo's best friend is McBarker.

Where does Mr Magoo live?

Mr Magoo lives in his own mansion house.

What does Mr Magoo do for a living?

Mr Magoo is very old, so he is retired now.

Where is Mr Magoo working?

Mr Magoo is retired, and he just do hobby related activities.

How does Mr Magoo look?

Mr Magoo is a short and bald old man.

Does Mr Magoo have a pet?

Yes, Mr Magoo has a little bulldog named McBarker.

What's Mr Magoo's favorite hobby?

Mr Magoo loves to be an actor, so he acts in theater plays as much as possible.

Is Mr Magoo ill?

Mr Magoo has an eye problem, but he does not want to admit it yet.

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