Pat the Dog Games

We have 8 games with Pat the Dog.

Pat the Dog is maybe the most adventures dog ever. His owner is Lola who is a very cute girl but she often gets in trouble , sometimes without realizing it. Pat the Dog is always there to save the day and a lot of surprises can come across in his adventures. Good luck!

What are Pat the Dog Games?

If you want to play new games, we have a lot of new categories for you dear kids because as you may all know already, the most important thing for us, the administrative team of the is to make sure you have a nice time and for that to happen, sometimes you kids need new stories, new fun adventures with new and fun characters, but you have to know that all the characters here on our site are simply all the time happy to be playing with you and to have the chance to try out all kind of games with you. So come and try out this ones right here too in which the main character is Pat the Dog because this is a category dedicated for Pat the Dog, who is a very happy and friendly dog but in the same time a very intelligent animal so this animal games you are going to be able to play with Pat the Dog are simply the best, there are a lot of adventure games waiting for you. So we decided to offer you some information about the life of Pat the Dog and all the rest of the character in his life, who are all super cute and fun. So maybe almost all the adventures start when Pat’s owner, Lola, a very cute and friendly girl gets into all kind of troubles and sometimes without even realising it. It is very funny that Lola has a very strong connection with her dog Pat but she is completely oblivious to all the adventures he goes on even though most of the times these adventures are revolving around her. So even though Pat the Dog looks like a perfectly normal dog and most of the times he is, he is always willing to go on all kind of crazy adventures and sometimes they can even be dangerous but he is very smart and he uses his intelligence to do all it takes to save the day and of course save Lola from any kind of danger that she is in, although most of the times she doesn’t even realise them. There are other characters too who are waiting for you in the Pat the Dog animal games, like Victor who is Lola’s neighbour and the main antagonist of the cartoons, Tank who is Victor’s dog because of course everybody has to have a little animal to pet, Hoodie who is simply a cat with a hoodie and so on. All these characters are here to play with all super fun animal dogs and most of them will be real adventure games too and it would be a shame if you didn’t try them all because we can promise you that you are going to enjoy all the Pat the Dog games in which you get to play with Pat, with Lola and so on. Good luck!

The games from Pat the Dog category was voted by 8 times and have 5.00 stars.

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