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The new category that we have decided to offer to you is dedicated to the Pen Zero animated serie, a category in which we promise to offer you all the existing games with the characters from it.

The most interesting stories are always present on our website, and for all the Disney fans, we are bringing the new Penn Zero: Part Time Hero games category, in which you will meet with your favorite characters, play the most exciting challenges and make new friends! The Penn Zero: Part Time Hero games are all going to be free to play, and you’ll see how much fun you can have playing with all of your friends and the new Disney characters, because our new challenges with Penn Zero are going to be easily accessible, and all you need to have is: a computer, tablet, laptop or a phone that has internet access.

It's time for you to meet your favorite superhero! The online Penn Zero: Part Time Hero games are ready to be played, and are all free to play online! We are waiting for you to come in a big number in this new category, and see which of the adventures and challenges with this new Disney superhero you will like the best. The first time this animated TV series was visible on Disney Xd was on December 5, 2014, when the preview or pilot episode was released. The premier of the show was after a few months, in 2015, and the first season was a great success, the series having a lot of views and kids all around America were fans of Penn Zero: Part Time Hero games from the beginning.

It’s a lot of fun watching the Disney series, because Penn Zero appears in each and every one of the show’s episodes, and that he is going to take you guys in plenty of adventures, in which you have never seen before a little boy, and even a superhero!

Hero of the little

The entire action of the Penn Zero: Part Time Hero games is going to rely on the life of Penn Zero, a little boy which inherits from his parents the role of a part time hero. Just like his mother and father, and he wants to make them proud. When his parents are not available, Penn Zero has to dress-up as a superhero, manage to find the dimension in which the problem is, and zap or teleport into that dimension. The adventure games inside the Penn Zero: Part Time hero games category are going to be awesome, because you dear kids will be able to see different worlds through the hero’s eyes, and we are sure that you will have a great time and see how many other interesting and fun challenges for kids will be ready, and you might even meet with new superheroes like Penn Zero!

Like any other respected superhero or hero, Penn Zero is not going to be all alone in his adventures, so you will see that he has a little sidekick. His name is Boone, and he is Penn Zero’s best friend. He is a bit of an adviser for Penn Zero, being very smart and is wise. The superhero group is not ended, because besides Boone, another character is available to be known in the Penn Zero: Part Time Hero games here on our website, and his name is Sashi! He is a true sidekick, and he will be most of the time with Penn Zero in the middle of the action in his superhero missions.

Being a superhero story, Penn Zero will of course have a villain that he has to go against. All the world in all the dimensions are going to be all threatened by a villain called Rippen. Just like Penn Zero, he is going to be only part-time villain. All the villains that you saw before here on our website also have a sidekick, and Rippen doesn’t make an exception from this rule! Penn Zero is very familiar with his sidekick, because dear kids he is actually the principal of his school, and his name is Larry.

This is the main story if our new category filled with amazing online Penn Zero: Part Time Hero games, and you can start playing them, and see which if them is your favorite. We are continuing to bring for you guys plenty of other details and information about this new category, so stay close and find your new favorite free Penn Zero: Part Time Hero games that you can try out even on your mobile phones or tablets.

Full time friend

We promised more information about the characters, missions, actions and challenges that you can find inside the Penn Zero: Part Time Hero games so we are going to deliver on that promise! You will see plenty of interesting boys games and girl games inside this new category, but more important, plenty of superhero games, adventure games, action games, fighting games and even racing games in space! These are just a few other related categories that you can find inside the Penn Zero: Part Time Hero games, so we are sure that you will have a great time playing the games, and that you can find at least one new game that you will love to play.

You guys already know that the main character of this new story is going to be a little boy called Penn Zero. He comes from a long-time family of part-time heroes, and he has to time travel or zap through dimensions in order to help people all over the galaxy. We just realized that you don’t know how Penn Zero looks like! He is very easy to be recognized, because dear kids he is one of the very first characters from any story that has red hair! He will always be dressed in a white t-shirt over a black shirt, and will have red pants.

Now you know who to look for through all the games here on our website, and once you know, you can start playing them! It’s going to be a lot of fun, because the little challenges are already extremely popular! You can find the Babypocalypse Smash game for kids, in which there’s going to be a little baby character, and his job is to smash as many teddy bears as possible in the shortest time, and it will bring you points with each bear that you smash. This is just the beginning of the series of Penn Zero: Part Time Hero games, and we are going to continue presenting for you the most popular challenges of the category.

Penn Zero Multiverse Mania is the most popular game which you could find here on our website, and you will see that it’s one of the very first ones that appeared with your favorite hero. Penn Zero Math Quiz game is also very popular, and it had more than five thousand plays! It’s going to be a lot of fun, and you will see that there are plenty of other interesting little challenges for you to play with all of your friends throughout the series. Have fun!

Is Penn Zero a superhero?

No, he is just a hero.

Why is Penn Zero not a superhero?

A superhero has superpowers, Penn Zero has gadgets and tools.

Does Penn Zero have a sidekick?

Yes, and his name is Sashi.

How does Penn Zero travel?

He uses a special tool that allows him to teleport or zap through dimensions.

How many Penn Zero seasons are there?

There are 2 official Penn Zero seasons.