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The main character, Poko, has his dog as a friends, Mr Minus, which it s not just only a ordinary dog

Welcome once again to your favorite online game website, where you will find the most astonishing online category of games. As we have said before in this new online categories we look to surprise you and give to you the most interesting games where we hope that you will take so much fun with all of your online friends. Games-kids.com is grateful to you guys and wants to bring to you new online categories games everyday and satisfy all of your cravings for adventures. In this new category which we hope you will enjoy it, we wanted to bring to you a funnier animation series , where you will be able to develop and raise your imagination to a biggest level. So as you have read in these description, this new animation category that we bring to you guys it s about Poko. Poko, it s a young little preschooler boy which has as a friend a pet dog named Minus. In this new online category you will get to know Poko, which everyday plays in his bedroom, or out in his backyard and waits for you to take place in his adventures. Poko, however, has a magic finger , this magic finger when he says "Poko pippity pop!" can draw objects, which then become real, by tracing in the air with his finger. Poko often encounters obstacles , obstacles which makes him unhappy, so your mission will be to help Poko to pass over all the obstacles he encounters. The main character, Poko, has his dog as a friends, Mr Minus, which it s not joust only a ordinary dog, Mr Minus can dance, can walk only on to legs and he can understand what Poko says to him. Poko named his dog Minus because when he puts his little nose on Poko s forehead he erases all the unwanted skills from his thoughts, and makes place for the new ones which you will help them to succeed. Poko, has another friend, Mr Murphy, a stuffed monkey, which it s very special to him. Mr Murphy usually sits around Poko and Minus, and the only thing he can do is to cover his eyes with his hands. The other friend of Poko, is Bibi, a young girl which has the same age as him, and she comes over Poko`s sometimes to have a play date. So if you are interested in this new online category games with Poko and his three amazing friends, please follow us on this website and help them to finish their quests. Every game that we will bring to you not only will bring joy to you they will bring new skills and you will learn how to face real lifetime problems. If we got your attention with this new animation online category, we are waiting for you to tell us by being apart of Poko s adventures only on our website : games-kids.com and enjoy yourselves.